Thursday, March 28, 2013

2013 South American Championship

Brazil scores v Uruguay in 2012
The thirty-fifth edition of the CONSUR Sudamericano, known in English as the South American Championship will be played from April 27-May 04 in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. The compeition will feature the test teams from Brazil, Chile and Uruguay and also Argentina though the Pumas team that plays will be made up exclusively of Argentine based players. The only match that will not take place in Montevideo is that of Chile v Brazil which wll be played in Temuco, 670KM from Santiago. 

All matches that do not feature Argentina will double as qualification matches for Rugby World Cup 2015. In other words the top side of Brazil, Chile and Uruguay will advance to the next round of qualification for England 2015 while the other two will be eliminated. The winner will face the runner-up of Canada v United States with the North Americans set to face-off later on this year. Argentina does not need to qualify as its plce was confirmed in 2011 by virtue of finishing in the top twelve. 

The tournament will also count towards IRB World Rankings with the highest of the three teams other than Argentina being Uruguay. The home side should be favorite to advance but it could face stiff competition from Chile given the success of the country´s under 20 program in recent years. Uruguay has the advantage of playing all its matches at home while Brazil is significantly disadvantaged in playing no matches within its own borders. But Uruguay cannot have a big smile as it will face Brazil and Chile with only one days rest. The demand put on the players is extreme and should certainly mean that Uruguay will field its top side against Chile but its reserves against Brazil. 

Match Schedule
April 27 Chile v Brazil, Temuco (Chile)
April 27 Argentina v Uruguay, Montevideo

May 02 Argentina v Chile, Montevideo
May 02 Uruguay v Brazil, Montevideo

May 04 Argentina v Brazil, Montevideo
May 04 Uruguay v Chile, Montevideo

* Rugby World Cup Qualification

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  1. Interesting looking at those dates. They'll be no pampas 15 players, cause of commitments in south africa. Who will be fielded? could we see a rare upset?