Thursday, February 7, 2013

World's Fastest Rugby Player: USA's Carlin Isles talks to Total Rugby

The new sensation in the USA Rugby Sevens team is proving to infact be the new sensation in the global game. The following video takes a look at the rapid rise of Carlin Isles and has the player himself talk about the sport, his background and his future. Isles could well be a household name in the USA in the coming years as his profile could indeed expand beyond the rugby borders within the country. 

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  1. All this fuss about Isles and he's only on the bench for the USA Sevens team. It's hardly as if he's the team's star player at Sevens never mind going to be at Union.

    People go on about how an Ngwenya, Isles wing pairing would be great. But Luke Hume is the Eagles best Sevens player and also last year was best winger at Union too, better than Ngwenya.

    The difference between Hume and Ngwenya is like the difference between Shane Williams and Mark Jones.