Sunday, February 24, 2013

Argentina and Brazil win in Rio

Foto: O Sul Americano de Sevens começa como esperado. Dezoito equipes vieram ao Rio de Janeiro disputar o taça com um olho no campo outro na vaga para o mundial da Rússia. Clique no link abaixo para ver o resto do post.

Por Guto Senra, Foto Betho Alves

The 2013 edition of the South American Rugby Sevens took place this weekend in Rio de Janeiro. Ten countries participated in the mens, womens or both sections. As expected Argentina won the mens division and Brazil continued its superiority in South America to win the womens section. It saw the Brazilians women qualify for the upcoming Rugby Sevens World Cup in Moscow. In the mens section Argentina will be joined by Uruguay who secured a place at the World Cup.

Complete Results

Day One: Mens
Brazil 40-0 Guatemala 
Paraguay 24-12 Venezuela
Brazil 36-5 Venezuela
Uruguay 27-0 Guatemala 
Uruguay 24-7 Brazil
Paraguay 41-5 Guatemala
Venezuela 26-5 Guatemala
Uruguay 17-10 Paraguay

Peru 33-7 Ecuador
Chile 31-0 Colombia
Peru 15-19 Colombia

Argentina 52-0 Ecuador 

Chile 34-0 Ecuador 

Argentina 49-0 Peru 

Colombia 31-0 Ecuador

Argentina 24-7 Chile

Day One: Womens
Brazil 55-0 Peru

Argentina 19 -12 Chile 
Brasil 24-12 Argentina

Chile 38-10 Peru
Brazil 24-0 Chile

Argentina 52-0 Peru

Colombia 22-0 Paraguay
Uruguay 19-5 Venezuela
Colombia 10-10 Venezuela
Uruguay 30-0 Paraguay
Colombia 0-15 Uruguay
Venezuela 29-0 Paraguay

Day Two: Mens
Colombia 31-0 Ecuador 
Uruguay 45-0 Venezuela 
Paraguay 10-29 Brazil 
Chile 28-7 Peru

Argentina 27-0 Colombia

Bowl Semi Finals
Paraguay 7-14 Peru
Colombia 12-5 Venezuela

Cup Round Robin: First Round
Uruguay 10-7 Chile

Argentina 24-12 Brazil

Guatemala 19-17 Ecuador
Cup Round Robin: First Round
Uruguay 17-7 Brasil

Argentina 14-0 Chile

Seventh / Eight Place Play-Off
Paraguay 29-0 Venezuela
Bowl Final 
Peru 14-19 Colombia
Brasil 7-7 Chile
(Brazil qualify for 2013 Hong Kong Sevens based on superior points record) 

Uruguay 5-19 Argentina

Day Two: Womens
Bowl Semi Finals 
Chile 31-0 Paraguay
Colombia 19-0 Peru 

Cup Semi Finals
Brazil 34-0 Venezuela
Uruguay 7-17 Argentina

Seventh / Eighth Place Play-Off
Paraguay 12-15 Peru
Bowl Final
Chile 5-19 Colombia
Plate Final
Venezuela 5-17 Uruguay
Cup Final
Brazil 27-14 Argentina

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