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USA Announces 2013 Rugby 7's Residency Contracts

Zack Test
With rugby now an Olympic sport the opportunities for further growth are not only huge but are clearly being tapped into by unions. One such union developing is USA Rugby. The union has a partnership with the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) which enables rugby players access to high performance facilities. It also gives the rugby players invaluable experience with USOC supporting athletes for the Olympics. Countdown to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are well underway with the USA preparing a strong challenge for a medal in both the mens and womens divisions. USA Rugby has confirmed a list of thirty-two players that have been selected to train full-time at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista, California. 

The residency program includes sixteen female athletes, meaning there are twice the number of full-time athletes from 2012. The athletes will also be involved in a superior training regime. New  womens players for 2013 include Lauren Doyle, Sadie Anderson, Vix Folayan, Ryan Carlyle and Jane Paar. They will be coached by former Canadian Rugby World Cup coach, Ric Suggitt who coahced the mens team in France 2007.  The mens program features a number of notable players who have played at the senior level for the USA Eagles. The likes of 
Andrew Durutalo, Tai Enosa, 
Colin Hawley
, Luke Hume, Blaine Scully, 
Shalom Suniula and 
Zack Test
 are all names in strong contention for places at Rubgy World Cup 2015 should the USA qualify.

USA Women’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Athletes in Residence

Sadie Anderson

Bui Baravilala

Emilie Bydwell

Ryan Carlye

Katie Dowty

Lauren Doyle

Vix Folayan

Kelly Griffin

Hannah Lopez

Nathalie Marchino

Vanesha McGee

Deven Owsiany

Jane Paar

Jillion Potter

Christy Ringgenberg

Kimber Rozier

USA Women’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Staff

Ric Suggitt (Head Coach)

Nicole Titmas (Physio Therapist)

Jared Seigmund (Strength & Conditioning)

Richie Walker - (Specialist Coach)

Joanne Kos (Analysis/Assistant coach)

USA Women’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Schedule
Women’s 7s World Series: Houston, USA | February 1-2

Women’s 7s World Series: Guangzhou, China | March 30-31

Women’s 7s World Series: Amsterdam, Netherlands | May 17-18

Sevens Rugby World Cup: Moscow, Russia | June 28-30

USA Men’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Athletes in Residence

Nate Augspurger

Andrew Durutalo

Nick Edwards

Tai Enosa 

Jack Halalilo

Matt Hawkins

Colin Hawley

Luke Hume

Carlin Isles

Folau Niua

Blaine Scully

Shalom Suniula

Mike Teo

Zack Test

Brett Thompson

Maka Unufe

USA Men’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Staff

Alex Magleby (Head Coach)

Andy Katoa (Team Manager)

Brian Green (Physio Therapist)

Ryan Gallop & Alan Ozdamar from EZIA Human Performance (Strength & Conditioning)
USA Men’s Eagle Sevens | 2013 Schedule

HSBC 7s World Series: Wellington, New Zealand | February 1-2

HSBC 7s World Series: Las Vegas, USA | February 8-10

HSBC 7s World Series: Hong Kong, China | March 22-24

HSBC 7s World Series: Tokyo, Japan | March 30-31

HSBC 7s World Series: Edinburgh, Scotland | May 4-5

HSBC 7s World Series: London, England | May 11-12

Sevens Rugby World Cup: Moscow, Russia | June 28-30
USA Rugby Support Staff 

Yvonne Parkhurst (Team Services Manager)

Paul Goulding (Men's Video Analyst)
USOC Support Staff

John Crawley (High Performance Director)

Peter Haberl, Ed. D. (Senior Sport Psychologist)

Shawn Dolan (Sport Dietitian)

Richard Quincy (Associate Director, Sports Medicine Clinics)
Peter Haberl (Senior Sport Psychologist)

Source: USA Rugby

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