Friday, January 18, 2013

UAR announce 40 man Training Squad ahead of Vodacom Cup

Photo: Washington Post
Matías Cima (right) of the Univeristy of Maryland is included. 
There is still a month and a half to go before the start of the 2013 Vodacom Cup in South Africa. Argentina´s team, Los Pampas XV, is about to start its preperation with a 40 man squad to train together in La Plata from Monday January 18 until the following Saturday. Headcoach Daniel Hourcade will evaluate the each and every player before cutting the squad down to 30 players who will make up Argentina´s team in the Vodacom Cup. Known as the Standard Bank Pampas XV for commercial reasons, the team has one goal in mind - win the tournament. It would be a second title after the 2011 team was successful in returning home undefeated. Individual players have their own goals with all certainly looking to be selected for Argentina´s June home series against England and Georgia. 

The forty man squad is not short of surprizes. While there are a large number of returning players from the 2011 Vodacom Cup campaign there are also a host of unexpected callups. One being Matías Cima who has been named despite playing his rugby in the USA for the University of Maryland. Also of note is the non-inclusion of Gonzalo Tiesi. The lack of his name in the list firmly suggests that he has, indeed, signed for a European club. While he is not included Nahuel Lobo is after a stint in France playing for Montpellier. Julio Farías Cabello is not included as the 2012 captain is to miss half of the competition to enable him recovery time after he had a big 2012 playing every match for Argentina. Leonardo Senatore is also missing but is expected to play in the Vodacom Cup. Others to have spent a notable amount of time in Los Pumas squad in 2012 who are included are Bruno Postiglioni, Benjamin Macome, Rodrigo Bruno, Tomás De La Vega, Tomás Cubelli, Martín Landajo, Manuel Montero and Santiago Cordero. 

Vodacom Cup Training Squad 

Emiliano Coria (Lince RC, Tucumán)
Martín García Veiga (Buenos Aires C&RC, URBA)
Gonzalo Manso (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
Bruno Postiglioni (La Plata RC, URBA)

Ariel Castellina (Universitario, Tucumán)
Juan Gómez (Los Matreros, URBA)
Ramiro Herrera (Hindú Club, URBA)

Nahuel Lobo (Estudiantes, Paraná Entrerriana)
Francisco Piccinini (SIC, URBA)

Matías Alemanno (La Tablada, Cordobesa)
Tomás Borghi (SIC, URBA)
César Fruttero (Jockey Club de Villa María, Cordobesa)
Mariano Galarza (Universitario de La Plata, URBA)
Benjamín Macome (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
Lucas Ponce (CUBA, URBA)

Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal (Universitario, Tucumán)
Rodrigo Báez (Liceo RC, Cuyo)
Rodrigo Bruno (Jockey Club de Villa María, Cordobesa)
Tomás De la Vega (CUBA, URBA)
Pablo Matera (Asociación Alumni, URBA)
Javier Ortega Desio (SIC, URBA)
Juan Simón (Cardenales RC, Tucumán)

Lucas Alcácer (SIC, URBA)
Rodolfo Ambrosio (Tala RC, Cordobesa)
Tomás Cubelli (Belgrano Athletic, URBA)
Martín Landajo (CASI, URBA)

Joaquín Díaz Bonilla (Hindú Club, URBA)
Patricio Fernández (Jockey Club, Rosario)
Santiago González Iglesias (Asociación Alumni, URBA)

Ignacio Brex (San Cirano, URBA)
Juan Cappiello (Pucará, URBA)
Matías Cima (University of Maryland, USA)
Juan Pablo Estelles (Atlético del Rosario, URBA)
Joaquín Paz (Córdoba Athletic, Cordobesa)

Facundo Barrea (Córdoba Athletic, Cordobesa)
Lucas Devicenzi (Club Champagnat, URBA)
Dan Isaack (Jockey Club, Rosario)
Manuel Montero (Pucará, URBA)

Santiago Cordero (Regatas de Bella Vista, URBA)
Matías Masera (Belgrano Athletic, URBA)

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