Monday, January 14, 2013

Buenos Aires win Punta del Este Sevens

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Brazil v Uruguay, 2012
Uruguay´s Premier Rugby Sevens event took place this past weekend in the famous resort city of  Punta del Este. Test teams from Brazil, Chile, Peru and Uruguay competed against each other as well as a host of club sides from across Argentina and Montevideo. The final was an all Argentine affair with Las Aguilas (Buenos Aires) defeating Moby Dick 39-0. The champion side was packed with well known Argentine players who are not contracted to professional clubs and are also not a part of the Senior Pumas squad. Some used to do either or both such as Juan Ignacio Gauthier, Agustín Gosio, Francisco Albarracín and Francisco Díaz Bonilla. The two sides got to the final after starting the day well. Moby Dick defeated Uruguay 19-12 to send the host nation into the Plate Semi Finals. Moby Dick went on to defeat Córdoba 26-7 in the Semi Final to book its place in the Final. Las Aguilas got a narrow 14-10 win over Mariastas VII and a 10-7 victory over Topper VII to advance to the Cup Final. 

Earlier Córdoba had defeated Brazil in the Cup Quarter Final. Brazil and Uruguay would face each other in the Plate Semi Final with Uruguay completing a 26-12 win after a solid secondhalf. Uruguay then took out the Plate Final with a 17-12 victory over Maristas VII. The Bowl Final was won by Salta with the Northern Argentine province getting a good 32-7 victory over Chile. Salta got there having earlier defeated Uruguayan club Old Boys 24-5 in the Semi Final and starting the day with a 43-0 victory over Peru. Chile impressed against Sporting del Chile and Trébol before being well beaten in the Bowl Final. 

The event was the first major South American Rugby Sevens competition of the year. The second will take place in Viña del Mar, Chile also this month. It will begin on January 17. Both events are warm-up´s for the CONSUR Sevens which will be played in Rio de Janeiro.

Cup Quarter Finals
Moby Dick 19-12 Uruguay

Las Aguilas 14-10 Maristas VII
Brazil 5-26 Córdoba
Topper VII 14-12 Atlético del Rosario

Cup Semi Finals

Moby Dick 26-7 Córdoba
Las Aguilas 10-7 Topper VII

Cup Final

Las Aguilas 39-0 Moby Dick

Plate Semi Finals

Uruguay 26-12 Brazil
Maristas 7' 26-12 Atlético del Rosario

Plate Final

Uruguay 17-12 Maristas VII

Bowl Quarter Finals
Peru 0-43 Salta

Sporting de Chile 7-31 Chile
Carrasco Polo 10-14 Old Boys
Córdoba Athletic 5-19 Trébol

Bowl Semi Finals
Salta 24-5 Old Boys

Chile 26-19 Trébol

Bowl Final

Salta 32-7 Chile

Challenge Cup

Entre Ríos 33-5 Universidad Católica

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