Sunday, January 20, 2013

35 man Uruguay Squad named for Pre-Season Training

Uruguay has begun its preperation for the all important qualifying matches for Rugby World Cup 2015. After missing outy on qualification for Rugby World Cup 2007 and 2011 Los Teros will be looking for a case of third time lucky. Uruguay competed at the first two Rugby World Cup´s in the professional era and won a match at each tournament - defeating Spain in 1999 and Georgia in 2003. Since then, however, the sport in the country has not moved enough towards professionalism  unlike European sides. This may be changing though as the URU has acquired Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo with the venue to be the new home of the union. It will have new facilities set up that have previously not been available for training the national team. As such Uruguay will have a better prepared team to compete in qualifying matches for Rugby World Cup 2015 than was the case for other tournaments. 

The URU has started the preperations with the confirmation of a 42 man pre-season training squad starting this week in Montevideo. The squad is a 35 man squad with seven extra players included who will begin training the following week. The purpose is to be as best prepared as possible for the 2015 CONSUR A which will see Uruguay host and face Chile and Brazil with the winner advancing to face the runner-up of Canada and the USA in a CONSUR v NACRA play-off. The winner of that match wll qualify for England 2015 as Americas 2 and face South Africa, Samoa, Scotland and Asia 1 (certain to be Japan) in Pool B. 

While there are no places for Uruguay´s foreign absed players such as Jerónimo Etcheverry,  Santiago Gibernau, Rodrigo Capó Ortega and Mario Sagario there are places for Mathias Arocena who missed out on playing for Uruguay in the IRB Nations Cup and Americas Rugby Championship in 2012. The squad also features a number of newcomers with eight players being selected for the first time. They are José Astigarraga, Mateo Gulart, Carlos Pombo, Ignacio Coronel, Juan Peña, Santiago Williamson, Santiago Core and Agustín Del Castillo.

Uruguay Squad
Arturo Avalo (Carrasco Polo)
Nicolas Klappenbach (Champagnat)
José Astigarraga (Old Christians)
Rodolfo De Mula (Pucaru)
Oscar Duran (Carrasco Polo)
Juan Etcheverria (Old Christians)
Mateo Gulart (Montevideo Cricket)
Francisco Jimenez (Champagnat)
Federico Mujica (Los Cuervos)
Carlos Pombo (Old Boys)
Juan Pedro Rombys (Trebol)
Sebastian Sagario (Carrasco Polo)

Second and Backrow
Agustín Alonso (Montevideo Cricket)
Diego Bascou (Pucaru)
Fernando Bascou (Pucaru)
Mathias Braun (Pucaru)
José Ignacio Coronel (Champagnat)
Rodrigo Espiga (Old Christians Club)
Juan Manuel Gaminara (Old Boys)
Franco Lamanna (Carrasco Polo)
Diego Magno (Montevideo Cricket)
Alejandro Nieto (Champagnat)
Mathias Palomeque (Trebol)
Juan Andres Peña (Seminario)
Mateo Sanguinetti (Los Cuervos)
Cristofer Soares de Lima (Montevideo Cricket)
Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
Santiago Williamson (Los Cuervos)

Francsico Vecino (Carrasco Polo)
Agustin Indarte  (Lobos)

Mathias Arocena (Old Christians Club)
Alejo Alejo (Trebol)

Santiago Core (Old Boys)
Martín Crosa (Old Boys)
Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
Rodrigo De Pazos (Montevideo Cricket)
Vilaseca Andres (Old Boys)

Santiago Arocena (Old Christians Club)
Pablo Bueno (Champagnat)
Francisco Bulanti (Trebol)
Leandro Leivas (Old Christians)

Agustín Del Castillo (Los Cuervos)

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