Monday, December 10, 2012

The UAR announce 37 man PladAR squad for 2013

Photo UAR Pro Focus. Julio Farías Cabello retained in PladAR
Argentina´s preperation for 2013 took a boost today as the UAR confirmed a thirty-seven man squad of players to be trained in the PladAR system. The High Performance setup has given Argentina a greater supply of players to call upon for higher honors with the likes of Julio Farías Cabello, Martín Landajo and Leonardo Senatore all starting for Los Pumas in the recent European tour. They will all again be in the PladAR system in 2013 as will quite a few highly promising players for the future such as Tomás Cubelli, Tomás De La Vega, Nahuel Lobo, Manuel Montero, Javier Rojas and the returning Mariano Galarza who missed all of Argentina´s tests in 2012 due to injury.

The possibilities for the thirty-seven players are significant. A large number will go on to play for Argentina in the June internationals  in 2013 while some will even be a part of the squad for The Rugby Championship. Fariás Cabello and Landajo started in the 2012 Rugby Championship ahead of European based professionals and similar opportunities will exist for them and others in 2013. The squad will play in South Africa´s Vodacom Cup in 2013 as Los Pampas XV. The team is likely to be captained by Julio Farías Cabello who led the squad in 2012. At 34 years of age he is a genuine veteran. He had been rumoured be ending his career in 2012 but remains committed to representing Argentine rugby. 

The squad excluded under 20 players. The UAR also also released three age grade squads. There is no reason why players from these sqauds will not be considered for the Vodacom Cup. Click below to see:

Under 18

Under 19
Under 20

2013 High Performance Squad

Ariel Castellina (Universitario, Tucumán)
Juan Gómez (Los Matreros, Buenos Aires)
Nahuel Lobo (Estudiantes, Entre Rios)
Francisco Piccinini (SIC, Buenos Aires)
Ignacio Sáenz Lancuba (San Cirano, Buenos Aires)
Roberto Tejerizo (Tucumán Tennis, Tucumán)

Emiliano Correa (Lince, Tucumán)
Martín García Veiga (Cricket and Rugby, Buenos Aires)
Ramiro Herrera (Hindú, Buenos Aires)
Bruno Postiglioni (La Plata RC, Buenos Aires)

Matías Alemanno (La Tablada, Córdoba)
Felipe Aranguren (CUBA, Buenos Aires)
Tomás Borghi (SIC, Buenos Aires)
Julio Farías Cabello (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
César Fruttero (Jockey Club, Córdoba)
Mariano Galarza (Universidade de La Plata)
Benjamín Macome (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
Lucas Ponce (CUBA, Buenos Aires)

Lisandro Ahualli Chazal (Universitario, Tucumán) 
Rodrigo Báez (Liceo RC, Cuyo)
Rodrigo Bruno (Jockey Club, Córdoba)
Tomás De La Vega (CUBA, Buenos Aires)
Javier Ortega Desio (SIC, Buenos Aires)
Leonardo Senatore (GER, Rosario)

Tomás Cubelli (Belgrano Athletic, Buenos Aires)
Martín Lamdajo (CASI, Buenos Aires)
Santiago Mendez (SIC, Buenos Aires)

Santiago González Iglesias (Asociacion Alumni, Buenos Aires)
Benjamín Madero (SIC, Buenos Aires)

Jerónimo De la Fuente (Duendes, Rosario)
Juan Pablo Estelles (Atlético, Rosario)
Matías Orlando (Huirapuca, Tucumán)
Javier Rojas (Universitario, Tucumán)

Facundo Barrea (Córdoba Athletic, Córdoba)
Matías Masera (Belgrano Athletic, Buenos Aires)
Manuel Montero (Pucurá, Buenos Aires)

Ramiro Moyano (Lince, Tucumán)

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