Friday, October 26, 2012

Georgia to tour South America in June 2013?

Juan Imhoff v Georgia, RWC 2011
Argentina is to have a similar international calendar in 2013 to that of 2012. The international year started with Argentina facing Brazil, Chile and Uruguay in the South American Championship and then hosting Italy and France in June before taking on the SANZAR nations in The Rugby Championship. The 2012 international season will close with a three match tour of Europe with Argentina facing Wales in Cardiff, France in Lille and Ireland in Dublin. Los Pumas´s home tests started in San Juan against Italy and then moved on to Córdoba and Tucumán to host France. A similar scenario is emerging for 2013 with Argentina again expected to host three tests with two being against a Six Nations side and the third against a developing team, this time potentially against the former Soviet Republic of Georgia. 

Some rumours floating around in cyber space indicate that Argentina will host England for a two test tour in June 2013 and host Georgia for a one off test with the Lelos to also face Chile and Uruguay. Such a tour would be phenomenal for global rugby with Georgia having an intercontinental tour that it stands a chance of doing very well in. It would also give both Chile and Uruguay desparately needed home internationals in June. It would potentially mean a home international for another venue that could be used to host matches in Rugby World Cup 2023 such as Jujuy, Resistencia or Salta with England playing in larger stadiums such as those used in 2012 or Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata or Santa Fé. The UAR praised all of La Plata, Mendoza and Rosario for their hosting of tests in The Rugby Championship and hinted at all recieving additional matches in the future. Córdoba, however is likely to be used in 2013 as it is the country´s second largest city. A match at River Plate Stadium is also not out of the question with the UAR possibly set to use it to host the All Blacks and have an alternative match in La Plata. 

Georgia has never played a test in Argentina. Los Pumas have faced the Lelos on two occassions with Argentina winning both. The matches were played at the two previous editions of the Rugby World Cup. Relations between Georgia and Argentina go beyond World Cup´s however as Los Jaguares has also previously faced Georgia with the Europeans winning.

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