Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tony Johnson interview with Frankie Deges

Earlier this week New Zealand Rugby journalist, Tony Johnson hosted a well respected Argentine equivalent, Frankie Deges on Sky Sports weekly rugby program ITM Reunion. Johnson was very welcoming to Deges and seemed to be saying what is the general concensus of New Zealand rugby followers - it is great to have Argentina on board. The interview got into important questions surrounding the past and present complications and Deges´s responses underline the progress that the UAR has made in its relations with professional clubs, the rise of the sport in Argentina and the future. 

While there was criticism directed at the possibility of Argentina entering the former Tri Nations Johnson acknowledges that has already been proven to have not been accurate. The expression the sky is the limit is not one which is often associated with rugby due to the sport being dominated by a handful of nations. But Argentina is an example to the contrary. Los Pumas have delivered results on the international stage and the former problematic union has repaired itself and is building towards professionalism. The seriousness in which the UAR are taking Argentina´s acceptance into The Rugby Championship is made very clear from Deges and there is plenty of reason to believe the next step is for Argentina to be a Rugby World Cup host. 

Thanks to Ian Cook for the upload.

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