Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rodrigo Roncero Try v New Zealand

Rodrigo Roncero scores v New Zealand
As in Mendoza, Argentina scored the first try of the match. Also like in Mendoza the try came relatively early on in the first half. Rodrigo Roncero´s try v New Zealand was a wake-up call to anybody out there watching who actually thinks Argentina do do merit playing in The Rugby Championship. In the days leading up to the match there were many people on social media criticizing Argentina´s involvement in The Rugby Championship. New Zealand´s largest newspaper, the New Zealand Herald was amongst the critics with Wynne Gray arguing that Los Pumas should not be playing because of how they play. 

Roncero´s try came from a New Zealand mistake as young scrumhalf Aaron Smith took a suicidal decisio to pass near his own tryline to centre Ma´a Nonu. Any quality player who have passed the ball to his flyhalf or fullback for the ball to be kicked clear. However, Smith instead went against logic and against the playing conditions and passed to Nonu who was met by Julio Farías Cabello and Eusebio Guinãzu. The impact of the hooker as he drove Nonu to the ground forced a knock-on. It was picked up by Juan Leguizamón who passed to Santi Fernández who gave it to Juan Martín Hernández. El Mago passed to Gonzalo Camacho and the winger tried to go over but was tackeld by two defenders less than two metres from the tryline. Two Pumas forwards tried to score from pick and go´s from the base of the ruck but were tackled. Then the 35 year old Roncero went low and was held by two defenders but managed to power on and score for Argentina. 

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  1. Put up Janes try it was a forward pass.