Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumas Unchanged

Photo: Rodrigo Vergara UAR
Santiago Phelan has decided against making any changes to the Pumas team to face New Zealand in La Plata this Saturday. The same fifteen players who started against Australia have been retained. It means Gonzalo Camacho´s wrist injury will not be a problem. He will start on the right wing with Horacio Agulla on the left. Their combination is more of a defensive one than anything else with Agulla yet to impress in The Rugby Championship. Camacho has been impressive but came under fire for not scoring against Australia after Pat McCabe was able to chase him down. Without him on the field Argentina scored its best try of the year as Juan Imhoff sped around Nick Phipps en route to setting up Julio Farías Cabello. That try was an indication of the need for Imhoff to start. 

Phelan has made changes to the bench, however. He has gone for a standard bench featuring four forwards and three backs but has no flyhalf amongst the replacements. Instead he has gone for Nicolás Vergallo, Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga and Juan Imhoff. Vergallo is covering for Martín Landajo and Rodríguez Gurruchaga is covering both centres and fullback. The ace will again be Imhoff who really ought to be brought on at the interval if the Camacho-Agulla combination is not able to penetrate the All Balcks defensive line. The forwards are being covered by Agustín Creevy who, again, will not start despite being Argentina´s leading hooker. The decision to start Guiñazú is due to his performances thus far. He has done well at hooker and, crucially, has found his lineout jumpers vitually every time. Marcos Ayerza returns to the bench after not making the 22 against Australia while Tomás Vallejos Cinalli has been named as a replacement. The secondrower is yet to feature at all in The Rugby Championship. Should be come on it will be only his second test match. He debuted v Georgia at Rugby World Cup 2011.

1 Rodrigo Roncero
2 Eusebio Guinãzú
3 Juan Figallo
4 Manuel Carizza
5 Pato Albacete
6 Julio Farías Cabello
7 Juan Manuel Leguizamón
8 Juan Martín Fernández Lobbe (C)
9 Nicolás Vergallo
10 Juan Martín Hernández
11 Horacio Agulla
12 Santi Fernández
13 Marcelo Bosch
14 Gonzalo Camacho
15 Lucas González Amorosino

16 Agustín Creevy
17  Marcos Ayerza
18 Tomás Vallejos 
19 Tomás Leonardí
20  Nicolás Vergallo
21 Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga
22 Juan Imhoff


  1. Camacho did score a try albeit at the other end as he wrestled away the ball from an Aussie that consequently was not able to score....which brings us once again to Imhoff....if he wants to play for the PUMAS.... as a starter rather than a as role player ....first....LEARN HOW TO TACKLE AND PLAY DEFENSE JUAN !!!!....we don't mess with our DEFENSE....we make no allowances here....our defense is the Pumas HEART and SOUL....always has been and always will....

    1. You are in a minority who think this.

      Most fans on Twitter I have heard support the view of the author of this piece, and want Imhoff to start.

      Whilst defence isn't Imhoff strong point, he is the best try scorer and attacker. And it is silly to leave him out.

      Imhoff's attack is good enough to compensate for his defence, Wales wouldn't drop Shane Williams for his defence, so Imhoff equally shouldn't be left on bench.