Sunday, September 30, 2012

La Plata puts on World Class performance

Photo - UAR Rodrigo Vergara

The result of the match could hardly have been worse for Argentina - a home loss by almost forty points. It did not look like it was possible in the first quarter of the game as Argentina had the better of play and, again was the first team to score. The pace of the All Blacks play was too strong, however, and the New Zealanders completed a huge win to claim the first ever Rugby Championship. Argentina played differently. Like against Australia on the Gold Coast the South Americans were playing far more open rugby. It was high risk and at La Plata it proved to be extremely high risk as Pumas errors resulted in numerous All Blacks tries. The first New Zealand try was a basic mistake at the ruck. The third was from a dropped ball from Gonzalo Camacho while the second and fourth were simply from the All Blacks putting extra players where there were not Pumas defenders. The others were from Argentina not defending well enough. All were preventable but Argentina need time to adjust to the pace of such rugby. 

In contrast both of Argentina´s tries were created by Los Pumas. They were not the result of opposition mistakes. The first was arguably the best of the match and quite possibly the best of the tournament. Montpellier fullback, Lucas González Amorosino entered the line and broke clear following a lineout in the Pumas half. After getting past three players he was tackled by a fourth and able to off-load to Martín Landajo before a ruck had been formed. The scrumhalf did the rest, out passing tightforwards to score the games first try. The second was scored by Gonzalo Camacho after fellow winger Horacio Agulla had taken a quick tap on a penalty and gone to within ten metres of the tryline. Camacho ran from scrumhalf and went between two frontrowers to score. 

The occassions, however was a significant one. The campaign for Argentina to host Rugby World Cup 2023 well and truely recieved support. The state of the art Estadio Unico was packed and the crowd was vocal but humble. They did not ciriticize the Pumas players nor respond in a negative manner to the All Blacks. La Plata is a crucial piece in the puzzle of putting together Rugby World Cup - Argentina 2023 and the potential of Argentina hosting continues to look stronger.  


  1. Very generous with us Paul...Thanks. The match, in my opinion, was a truly lesson of the BEST RUGBY WHOLE THE WORLD. Happiness to all tne Nzders.

    About the venue and the Stadium, some argentine journalists are in complaint (?) with some organizative concerns (probably sabotage of people oppossed to the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Mr. Scioli); By example, less of wi-fi connection in the journalists cabins and sectors, bad treatment of parents and other relatives of the players for suppossed "security men"..., and other disagreable things. I'm joining info about it. Regards. Néstor.

  2. Fantastic how the crowd gave a standing ovation at the end, despite their team losing. Great sportsmanship.

    It was unfortunate that someone tried to ruin the good natured atmosphere by shining a laser in the eyes of All Black Aaron Cruden.

    Also, two officials were mugged leaving their hotel the next day.

    Other than that, a great occasion!

  3. Yes, I agree Anonymous. I think the editor is being very generous to the Pumas and not giving credit where possibly some credit is due. Apparently the All Blacks were just lucky and didn't create any of their tries while the Pumas tries were gold. Maybe the editor could learn something from the Pumas fans. Is it too much to expect some respect for the All Blacks performance from the editor of this site after the respect the NZ media have given for the Pumas good performances in the RC before the last weekend? I think a bit more respect and credit is due to a team which put on a very good performance in La Plata. But it might be too much for the editor of this site to admit. Editor, I'm not asking you to worship the ABs like gods or anything, just having a bit more respect and balance in your report. It's not just Argentina who is asking for some simple respect ok?

    1. Its just my point of view, of course, but I would say the following is giving credit to the winning team.

      *The result of the match could hardly have been worse for Argentina - a home loss by almost forty points.

      *It did not look like it was possible in the first quarter of the game as Argentina had the better of play and, again was the first team to score.

      *The pace of the All Blacks play was too strong, however, and the New Zealanders completed a huge win to claim the first ever Rugby Championship.

      *The All Blacks putting extra players where their were not defenders.

      *The others were from Argentina not defending well enough.

      *Argentina need time to adjust to the pace of such rugby.

      I feel New Zealand´s high pace and ability to move players was the difference as I said. I thought I was complementary about this. If you don´t agree thats perfectly fine. Furthermore New Zealand is World Champion. This carries a reputation. The All Blacks are number one. This is clear and non-debatable.

  4. I haven't seen the game yet so thanks ahead for make it available here Paul....for me its been a busy week and i detest it when work and travel interferes with my pumas rugby....

    I cant say im surprised about the result to tell the my last post i wrote that this kind of a game against the all B's especially is not a possibility but rather a other a 4N championship where the playing field is far from level.... sooner or later it was going to happen....

    realtistically speaking if we do the math with the game against Australia for example....we could have just as easily have lost 40-15....there is a reason why super rugby dominates the way it has like...well for ever....its not a little joke from destiny or luck....these guys are produced by an infrastructure that is as much a cultural and a social phenomenon as it is a hyper professional and business enterprise....

    the current batch of boys from new zealand by the way are in contention for best all blacks team EVER....this should help sooth and put into proper context the loss....

    If we are going to compete in this tournament then it is only fair that SANZAR give us the same tools....opportunities....and advantages that the other three are enjoying: super rugby team would be enough i think....or an affirmative action plan to save two roster spots for argentine players in every super rugby team....ill be back after i see the game....

  5. by the way...award winning image of the stadium....great photo !!!!

  6. "The result of the match could hardly have been worse for Argentina - a home loss by almost forty points."

    hoy recien pude ver el partido....sin muchas ganas a decir verdad....vale destacar el contexto.... venimos jugando un torneo del super rugby sin estar en el super rugby con destacadisimas actuaciones....nosotros con quince y ellos con 150 jugadores para creme de la creme del rugby mundial en todo sentido....con quinze anios de ventaja....y pa colmo contra un equipo que se debate en nueva zelandia si no es el mejor All Blacks team de todos los tiempos....que seria como decir que en la plata jugamos contra el mejor equipo de rugby de la historia del rugby.... y despues si sumamos que no fue nuestra mejor noche ademas del arbitraje que francamente coincido....mala algo que hacemos bien es jugar pegajoso y embarrar la pelota para que no llegue limpia a los halfbacks....este arbitro nos quito deliberadamente y con prejuicio esa opcion de defensa....y despues el juego fino de estos tipos que francamente es para encanta verlo....como su backs entran como flechas....por todos los frentes de ataque y con senuelos....y no sabes que va pasar....pero la plena sensacion es que algo esta por pasar....y pasa !!!!.... ...

  7. este tipo de partidos con estos tipos se pueden dar asi tranquilamente muchachos....con australia por ejemplo....porque no fue 40-15 ????....dos penales errados y dos tries en el primer tiempo....por ejemplo....y no es una posibilidad perder asi.... sino que es siempre una probabilidad bien latente que venimos esquivando como a las balas de la peli de matrix....y que hacemos antes que nada todo lo posible para que no se nos de asi.... aun mucho antes de preocuparnos por ganar el partido ....

  8. pero este partido fue diferente porque entramos a la cancha firmes con la intencion de jugar con las manos y tener la pelota....e ir por la gloria....y ganarles a estos All Blacks en casa....y nadie puede negar que no fue asi....que no fuimos por la hazania....desde los primeros minutos no solo en el primer tiempo pero en el segundo tiempo tambien....y fue como un premio ir a jugarles asi y que supimos ganar por todo el merito en defensa que tuvimos en los encuentros anteriores....antes que nada....rescatar....honrar....y aplaudir esta intencion de juego.... mano a mano con los de negro....y quizas el segundo try no fue tan vistoso como el primero.... pero a mi personalmente me gusto mas....cuanto costo !!!!....un partido aparte esos minutos....cuantas fases y contra tiempos ????.... y pregunto cuantos equipos que no estan en el super rugby encajonan a los All Blacks contra su fondo y trabajan y trabajan....y finalmente llegan asi ????....y ese try de EQUIPO que fue el de Camacho....y Landajo en este partido que se recibio de medio scrum Puma....un jugador local de la nueva generacion....que orgullo !!!! quedo con el analisis de yaqui....2 tries a los all blacks....vocacion ofensiva....desparpajo de amorosino....eso es glorioooooso....vamos por buen camino....prefiero mil veces perder asi que perder por poquito sin arriesgar y sin aprender y sin evolucionar nuevas posibilidades Puma y que aun desconsemos....porque somos pichoncitos y esto recien empieza....el potencial Puma que tenemos adentro....el que todavia estamos descubriendo....asi....con audacia....bancando las criticas de los diarios y el publico que no sabe apreciar el largo proceso que se viene construyendo dia a dia para que un dia se pueda concebir y debatir que fue el mejor equipo de la historia en un mundial o un 4Naciones fu un 15 PUMA que gano todo que se le puso enfrente la C. de la L !!!!....tal cual como hoy se habla de que el mejor 10 de la historia bien podria haber sido un esta que estamos participando todos y construyendo juntos desde nuestros clubs o detras de un monitor y un teclado....o desde donde nos toque....saludos.... y AGUANTE Y VAMOS PUMAS CARAJO !!!!...