Thursday, September 27, 2012

CONSUR B World Cup Qualifying

Ranked fifth in South America and caught in no-mans-land, Paraguay may now have reason for optimism after it came through the South American B section of Rugby World Cup Qualification undefeated. Paraguay has been caught between CONSUR A and CONSUR B and unable to really get a lot out of either event. In CONSUR A it has been unable to compete against Argentina, Chile or Uruguay and has been overtaken by Brazil in recent seasons. Brazil has not been able to defeat Argentina, Chile or Uruguay but has done significantly better against Paraguay than previously. Paraguay´s return to CONSUR B sees it compete with Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, all of whom are ranked notably lower in the IRB World Rankings. 
Paraguay won the CONSUR B event after defeating Colombia 54-17, Peru 69-3 Venezuela 73-8. It has set up a Rugby World Cup qualifying match against NACRA nation, Bermuda with the winner to advance to likely meet Brazil in the next round of qualification. The Paraguay v Bermuda match is to be played this Saturday in Paraguay.
Last week the IRB´s weekly rugby show, Total Rugby broadcast the highlights of the CONSUR B competition, played earlier this month in Venezuela. The video is now avaliable on youtube and can be seen below.

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