Monday, September 10, 2012

Brazil´s most popular soccer club now has a rugby team

Brazilian soccer is dominated by clubs from the biggest cities. There is no bigger city than São Paulo and it has three mega clubs - Corinthians, Palmeiras and São Paulo. The clus are supported not only in São Paulo but throughout the state and, indeed the country. The rivalry between the three and the states fourth mega team, Santos is as big as it gets. It is comparable to any rivalry in English soccer or indeed in any sport. The growth of rugby has caught the attention of the soccer authorities and Corinthians has taken the move to create a rugby team. The team will begin with Rugby Sevens but build up to have a rugby union team quickly.

Corinthians is not just a strong team but a major company. The success of merchandizing has seent he club make tremendous profits. It is very common for Brazilians on a minimal wage to spend around 30% of their pay to have an official uniform. The club is the current Latin American Champion having won the 2012 Copa de Libertadores. 

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