Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Nike Pumas Shirt

After using different shirts for the June test matches against Italy and France and then against Stade Français more recently, it was confirmed that neither of these unpopular models would be used for The Rugby Championship. Instead a different one with hoops is to be used, as pictured above. The change is interesting as the shirt has long been the same. Topper, for instance provided the shirts for Rugby World Cup 2003 and aside from the Topper logo it was essentially the same as the one Adidas produced before and after. Aside from changing the hoops to have them angled with a post-modernist feel there are two other noticable changes. Firstly, the back of the shirt sees a sun. It is a reference to the Argentine flag. Secondly the logos have all been placed higher on the shirt than the traditional model.

What do you think of the shirt?

It is a major change for Argentine rugby. However it is actually not that original in design. Rather it is close to a number of other Nike produced products. Compare it to the following shirt, that of French champions Toulouse. It would in fact appear to be a direct copy of the model with the stripes changed. It remains to be seen whether or not the new shirt will catch on to the Argentine and global public. 


  1. This is a real dolor de huevo.

  2. There was no need to mess about significantly with the traditional design.

    Have you ever seen the Argentina football team bother?

    The rugby team shouldn't bother either.

  3. The Nike logo is big and clear while its hard to spot the UAR badge at all.

  4. Some people on facebook have said it looks like the Uruguay blue instead of the Argentine one.