Monday, July 9, 2012

USA Eagles vs Italy, June 2012

Last months match between the United States of America and Italy was record breaking as the city of Houston, Texas hosted and provided the largest ever crowd for an international match on U.S soil. It was a reminder of the potential for rugby in the worlds richest country as the sport of rugby continues to undergo extensive changes as it becomes increasingly global and more competitive. The USA and Canada are both Tier Two teams who have demonstrated the potential to join the First Tier over time. Both sides put on good performances vs Italy in June. With the Americas being the last remaining region to host a Rugby World Cup the matches against Italy serveed to underline the benefits of top level rugby being brought to the USA and Canada. The region, and not only Argentina, has a lot to gain from Rugby World Cup 2023 being held by Argentina. 

For those who were unable to see the match and are yet to do so simply watch the following video.

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