Saturday, July 14, 2012

Uruguay Spain, Rugby World Cup 1999

Uruguay became the second South American country to play in a Rugby World Cup when it made its debut at Rugby World Cup 1999. Los Teros were drawn in Pool A alongside Scotland, South Africa and Spain in one of five pools. The tournament is the only World Cup to date to have more than four pools. Allocation meant there were three matches per team in the pool phase. Uruguay made its debut against another team appearing on the global stage for the first time, Spain and the match was treated as being the World Cup final for both sides. 

The match was a good indication that there are many emergining sides and that rugby goes beyond the traditional Anglo roots. Uruguay was captained by the oldest player in the tournament, Diego Ormachea whom at 40 years of age performed well, scoring one of Uruguay´s five tries vs the Spanish. Spain fought hard but failed to score a try as Uruguay proved to have the better of the Europeans in both attack and defense. All of Spain´s points came from the boot of Andrei Kovalenko. The scoreline of 27-15 meant Uruguay not only won well but also scored a bonus point thanks to scoring four tries. 

The match is also an example of what is wrong with hosting a World Cup in multiple countries. Rugby World Cup 1999 was officialy hosted by Wales but each of England, France, Ireland and Scotland hosted a pool. Uruguay were in the same pool as Scotland which saw Los Teros play its three matches in Scotland and not even touch down at all in Wales. The match between Scotland and Spain was played at Galashiels in Southern Scotland´s Borders region. The venue at 6,000 was the smallest of the tournament and is likely to be smaller than venues for all future World Cup´s.  

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  1. Paul: The actual situation of Spain and Uruguay are totally different. Both nations deserves have a site in the next RWC. But, for distinct reasons, is difficult for both. The particular situation of the Rugby in both countries deserves a deep study, because the origins of the problems are different. In a short synthesis, in Uruguay the problem is the low population, that avoid a great basis of recruitment and the less of international competence, among other causes. In Spain, the principal problem is the few interest of the young and the authorities for have a powerful rugby (read please the comments to any article over rugby in the Sports Newspaper Marca). If both teams can go to the next RWC (Uruguay must defeat to the US, Chile and Canada and Spain to Romania and Georgia), will be a miracle. I hope that the miracle could came. Hugs.