Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rugbeer in Salta

Salta, the Northern city of Argentina hosted Argentina vs England in June 2009 in front of a capacity crowd at a venue fitting 20,000 fans. The noise generated from the spectators, however, made the English fans feel like they were playing at a big rugby stadium. Argentina has the ability to do this with the fans producing atmosphere´s that are not seen elsewhere in the rugby world. The region covering the cities of Salta and Tucumán also happens to be more rugby orientated than much of the country. This has resulted in a new vending machine selling the Salta Cerveja from a specially designed machine that, as it says, gives rugby players what they want most for doing what they do best. One cold Salta Beer comes out of the machine for every tackle made on it. 

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  1. Certainly...good video. Near the posted for you, are other, edited with the voices and letters in spanish.