Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is this the new Argentine Rugby Shirt for Rugby Championship?

Leo Senatore during training today in Argentina

The UAR´s release of the new Pumas shirt last week was not recieved so warmly by rugby fans on social networks, rugby forums and even by readers of Argentina2023. The shirt, despite being on sale already and set to be used vs Italy and France in Argentina´s home tests this month is not the one that Argentina will play in during matches in The Rugby Championship this year. The model for the Nike designed shirt for The Rugby Championship remains unknown but could well be very similar to the one being used by Los Pumas in training for the June internationals. The above photo shows backrower, Leonardo Senatore in a Nike supplied uniform which is similar to the classic Pumas rugby shirt and is complete with the visa sponsor. The only thing differentiating it from a test shirt is the UAR logo which is not present as the shirt, instead, simply features a Jaguar. 

With the logo modified could this be the shirt to feature in The Rugby Championship?


  1. Why are they getting rid of the light blue??

    By the way I have my own rugby blog too:

  2. If they come up with a version of this jersey in sky blue, I'd be satisfied. Meanwhile, the disgusting strip they will be using for the match against Italy... no comments. I won't be acquiring any home kit that does not sport the sky blue and white hoops.
    Nike: Herejes!

    1. Yo tambien!

    2. That pretty much sums up my view too, "HEREJES".

      Earlier yesterday I posted wiki pidia's definition of the flag of Nicaragua which fits exactly this design, and that post seems to have been removed although the number of commentaries is still listed at four.

      It's important to let Nike know we won't be buying any of their crap, this total lack of respect and awareness about what kind of brand they are representing.

    3. La Bandera de Nicaragua, ¨está basada en la que perteneció a las Provincias Unidas del Centro de América, la cual a su vez se basaba en la bandera de las Provincias Unidas del Río de la Plata, actual Argentina.¨ (Wikipeadia).

      Varios argentinos fueron a sangrar en la Revolución del 79 con los nicaragüenses, y fue un comando de argentinos el que ajustició al dictador Anastasio Somoza D., quien se había exiliado en el Paraguay.

  3. "La bandera de Nicaragua fue creada por Decreto Legislativo el 5 de septiembre de 1908 y su composición es tres franjas horizontales del mismo tamaño, de tono azul cobalto, las exteriores y de color blanco la central."

    The flag of Nicaragua is made up of three broad horizontal bands of the same seize, cobalt blue being the exterior ones, and white the central one.


  4. Dearest Nike,

    Puma fans are not like a family; they ARE a family. And as a family we have never been crazy about North American Corporations, to put it mildly; or, WE NEVER TRUST YOU, to put it a bit more harshly.

    We will be shadowing everything you do closely with 'respect' to our traditions and our sporting legacy. We are the END CONSUMERS and we decide what is accepted into our market and what gets sold in our stores with the PUMA logo.

    We will organize as consumers to defend our colors. Don't underestimate us. We have unleashed a rugby revolution around the world with about 30 amateur clubs who were all mostly located within a 25 kilometer circumference, and with this passion we managed to find ourselves a place in the most prestigious and most demanding athletic tournament in the world.

    GET IT TOGETHER - or you won't like what your x-cell sheets look like in the future !


  5. I believe that the shirt will be similar to the used for the U20 in the match vs. France (JWC)