Monday, June 18, 2012

Chile Under 20's thump Russia U20's

Chile too cool for robust Russians
Gustavo Carrasco
After the success of the Pumitas in the Junior World Cup in South Africa where they reached the semi finals for the first time, another South American Under 20 side has impressed, this time in the Junior World Trophy in USA. The Chile U20 side thrashed their Russian counterparts 53-19 in Salt Lake City.

Chile were in a comfortable 29-14 lead at half time and continued to pull away to reach over 50 points.

The Chilean U20's have been surprisingly strong in the Junior World Trophy in its history, having only lost two matches in their two previous seasons (2008 and 2009), reaching the final of the inaugural tournament of 2008, and have picked up wins against Tier 2 nations Romania and Namibia. In fact in comparison to the U20 team, Chile (IRB ranked 24th) are underachievers.

However they just like some nations in Tier have been given no opportunities outside World Cup's against Tier 1, Chile have rarely ever been given a chance against Tier 2, indeed they haven't played an international outside South America since 2005, and have only played twice against teams from outside the continent in the same period. They have played Uruguay and Argentina (mainly experimental side) every year though, but rarely get anything else. Which is a shame, as whilst upper Tier 2 sides like Samoa, Canada and Georgia may be out of reach, lower Tier 2 sides like Namibia, Russia and Portugal all of whom have played in World Cups would be good to see what level Chile really are at.

The U20 team though, seems to have the measure over those sides mentioned above (Namibia haven't entered a side since 2009 and never beat another World Cup nation at this level, whilst Portugal never entered at all). This Chilean side has already beaten the Argentine U19 side, and now will face harder matches in Tonga and USA in their remaining matches, one victory from those would be a success, but from the thrashing they have just dished out to Russia, who had a bright future predicted for them after the 2011 World Cup, the Chileans may cause an upset.

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  1. Very interesting commentary, Paul, Thanks. I'm very busy today and for the rest of the week, but is for me very interesting, because my next worry about rugby will be the general situation of the Rugby in Chile and Uruguay. Good notice Chile defeating Russia in U20. Thanks.