Thursday, June 7, 2012

Agustín Pichot confirms the UAR´s intention to host Rugby World Cup 2023

Agustín Pichot
Big news on rugby social media today was former Argentine rugby captain, Agustín Pichot giving away more details of the UAR´ plans to launch an official bid to hot a Rugby World Cup. Sicne becoming the director for the UAR, Pichot has seen sweeping changes in Argentine rugby with the sport set to go from a big sport to a massive one in the country as importance is placed on the sport across the country rather than just in Buenos Aires.

This has seen five of Argentina´ six home tests this year being played outside of the greater Buenos Aires metropolitan region. The move is just a part of the policy which has, in its sights, bringing the World Cup to South America. The origin of the source is Britains´ SportBusiness International which posted an interview with Pichot earlier today. Pichot told the source that the UAR, in conjuntion with the country´ government is planning on bidding for either Rugby World Cup 2023 or Rugby World Cup 2007.

It is not the first time Pichot has admitted to his and the unions´ interest in hosting Rugby World Cup 2023 or 2027 as he made it clear to Argentine site Canchallena last October that Argentina. It is, however, a majoy breakthrough as it was with a European source and, consuqently has rapidly hit the hadliens of rugby sites and forums. Argentina2023 is greatly pleased with the news and should Mr. Pichot seek support the non-profit organization that is us will kindly contribute in any way possible.  

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