Friday, May 18, 2012

Hanno Dirksen signs new two year deal with Ospreys

The international future of Hanno Dirksen remains unknown as the South African born, USA raised back could still end up playing for Wales. The highly talented 21 year old played for the United States of America at the age grade level and was even played for the senior USA Eagles team in a match vs Irish province Munster. He has, howver, never played an official test match nor has he played for the Senior A side of Sevens team of the USA or anybody else. As such, he remains elligible to play for not only the USA but also South Africa and, shortly, Wales. It appears that Wales have him wrapped up however with Rob Howley having said he is monitoring Dirksen. Should he play for Wales he will need to wait until 2014, however, as before then he will not be elligible. He has been in Wales since 2009. 

Should Dirksen play for Wales it would be a huge loss to the USA who have invested huge resources into his development with the clear objective being for him to represent the USA. He is one of only a select group of USA rugby players to have received a USRFF Advanced Player Grant. Dirksen and his family moved to the USA when he was 15 years old. While his international future remains unknown, Dirksen´s professional future is certain as he has signed a new contract to stay on at the Ospreys for two years. The deal will see him become elligible for Wales but the USA may well convince him to play for the Eagles first. Should Dirksen seek to be an international player then his best chance is certainly with the USA as Wales are stacked with options for wing including the young Steven Shingler who this past Tuesday was deemed to the property of Wales and not Scotland. 

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  1. I wish Dirksen would play for the USA, even though I support Wales, I want this for the good of the global game

    Wales aren't "stacked" with options by the way, Shane has retired, North is obviously the first choice and will be for a while, but the other options aren't so clear, Cuthbert had a decent 6 Nations, but the fact is he is predictable and just runs straight, and has poor handling skills

    Brew is the best at regional level, but hasn't done well when at international level, Czekaj and Tom James have also been failures at international level, Will Harries can't tackle, despite his young call up Prydie couldn't even get near the Ospreys side, and Harry Robinson is still very young as well

    there is a case for Dirksen to start for Wales already on form