Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chile 6-59 Argentina

Facundo Barrea scored a double
Argentina is South American Champion after having defeated Chile 59-6 in Santiago on Saturday. The win was Los Pumas´ third of the tournament having already defeated both Uruguay and Brazil in the first two rounds. Chile finished third after having defeated Brazil but having lost by a single point in an epic 27-26 point loss vs Los Teros on Wednesday. In winning, Argentina did so with a team that is far from what will face Tier One opposition this year with captain Leo Senatore being the only player to have played at Rugby World Cup 2011. He led the team in all three matches, playing a whopping three tests in just six days. 
The win saw Argentina scoring eight tries too zero with right winger Facundo Barrea and fullback Román Miralles both scoring two tries each while outside centre Santiago Craig, secondrower Benjamín Macome, replacement winger Manuel Montero and inside centre Matías Orlando all scored one try each. Valentín Cruz had a good day with the boot as he landed seven conversions.

Despite being an international match counting for IRB World Rankings and being considered exactly the same as a full strength game between France and England neither side could be said to be at full strength. Los Condores were close to it but was missing some players based abroad. Los Pumas, however, was a team made up entirely of Argentine based players. The South American Championship was used as a breeding ground for players with the future in mind. International caps were handed out to many from Los Pampas XV who would otherwise not play for their country.

Chile: 1 Luka Salamunic, 2 Sebastián Del Solar, 3 Sergio de la Fuente, 4 Nelson Calderón, 5 Salomón Diaz, 6 Rodrigo Tobar (Captain), 7 Rolando Pellerano, 8 Manuel Dagnino; 9 Alonso Oliver, 10 Benjamin Pizarro, 11 Iñaki Barturen, 12 Francisco De la Fuente, 13 Germán Herrera, 14 Francisco Neira, 15 Javier Valderrama.
Argentina: 1 Roberto Tejerizo, 2 Bruno Postiglioni, 3 Gastón Cortéz, 4 Santiago Guzmán, 5 Benjamín Macome, 6 Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal, 7 Rodrigo Bruno, 8 Leonardo Senatore (Captain), 9 Martín Landajo, 10 Valentín Cruz; 11 Diego Palma, 12 Matías Orlando, 13 Santiago Craig, 14 Facundo Barrea, 15 Román Miralles.


  1. Great tournament for all three nations. I love Brazilian people, one of the most loving and creative nations of the world....but i gotta say im profoundly dissapointed with their choice of team mascot or emblem: an indigenous people !!???

    May i remind the COBRu that this is not american football, that one of the most distinctive features in this international sport is the respect and high esteem with which indigenous nations around the word are held....including fiji, tonga, samoa, and the mythical ALL Blacks!!

    what are brazilians fans to do...?? show up to the games dressed up with feathers and perhaps carrying a blow gun ???

    There is such a thing in sports as "cabalas"....and COBRu has ways of starting conversation with the rugby spirits that ends all conversation....they are going to get killed at every level until they replace their emblem with something more.... creative.

  2. "But today´s match was a sign that the extent of Brazil´s loss vs Argentina has more to do with the schedule, of playing three tests in six days, than the teams actuall ability."

    Ha! Anonymous maybe you are on to something. Is CBRu really thinking they are going to get away with commercializing this blatant affront to human dignity ?

    The breath and ferocity of the assaults on all First Peoples is widely known to be nothing short of being on a genocidal scale. And this move is basically more of the same. By all means, yes, what a great idea, let's figure out a new way to commercialize and objectify another indigenous people.

    I think we should nip this one in the bud and begin a movement to protest and sign it and send it to the IRB. Surely, they have to approve the logo right ??

    Does anyone know ?

    1. It looks to have been confirmed as the emblem despite not winning the majority of votes.

      It won 47% of the vote accoridng to this:

    2. 47% was the highest percentage though

  3. Indigenous people in Brazil and around the world are in a struggle for confirmations of their right to dignity, life, and sovereignty. This much is also clear. Self governance, collective ownership, protections for their cultural heritage, language, religious practices, traditional knowledge and science, control over their ancestral lands and all decisions that affect them, the right to determine when, if ever, resource removal, or any other intrusion, such as with the logging industry and their hired gangsters and rapists, is to be permitted, with the right of free, prior, and informed consent....

    i wonder, has anyone asked the tupi if they agreed to be used and commercialized in this way ?? are they going to get royalty fees ???
    you are absolutely right....this is more of the same and the IRB should absolutely reject this submission....its not right, and it also goes against all the principles of rugby international culture....thanks for the support.

  4. I'm an Argentine former player (50 years ago)...I'm seriously in doubt about if this tournament is positive for the participants...I imagine to Wales playing an European cup with Belgium or Germany or Switzerland. The results of the 3 teams defeated by the Jaguars shows a depply difference, and so not is good for anyone of the teams, includes the Argentines.

    These results may be developing a false sense of confidence between the Argentines players and may lead to discouragement of the teams of other nations. The South American international rugby must be restructured, and I hope some action of the IRB in this regard. In agree with the protests about the use of a logo with a Tupi aborigin, yet is an affair of internal policies of the Brazilian government.

    1. If Wales were to field a team without professional players and not pick its not four per position then it would probably be a similar situation. Such a scenario would make a Germany vs Wales clash possible as well as being neutrally positive.

      The CONSUR A event needs to be altered, without question. It must be played in a normal format of games played on weekends and not hosted by one nation. Chile has already made the request and for 2013 I hope it is changed. I would have one home and away match per team with the third game to be home one year, away the next.

      Week One
      Chile vs Argentina
      Uruguay vs Brazil

      Week Two
      Brazil vs Chile
      Argentina vs Uruguay

      Week Three
      Argentina vs Brazil
      Chile vs Uruguay

  5. CBRu does not form a part of the interior ministry of Brazil....

    Accountability in this staggering lack of everyday common sense, of courtesy, of a little looking out for the other guy, of human decency, of respect, of blatant disregard for a 500 year and ongoing history of genocide, in short, of racism, falls squarely on CBRu.

    The question that CBRu has to really meditate on doesn't have anything to do with the bare ass spanking that they received at the hands of an experimental Argentine team.

    Rather, far more fundamental than how to build an athletic sports legacy, is the issue of humanity.

    If this scale of stupidity on the part of CBRu is possible, if it is more a case of a few functional imbeciles with suits in San Pablo, or wherever they are based out of, the roots of this decision is through and through grounded on a long history of exploitation; on the notion of manifest destiny, if you like to get technical or you want sociological language that stands for human evil.

    No less than that: Racist & Evil.

    I'm an anonymous writer. You don't know who I am other than I'm a big fan of what the UAR has done for International Rugby in the last few years. You also know, from inductive reasoning alone, that i can speak and write the English language quite well when the occasion demands it; so, probably, it would be reasonable to conclude that i am some sort of professional.

    I'll make it short and sweet to the CBRu: you want to host a seven's leg in Brazil ?

    Change your logo.

  6. that Tupis logo was voted for by the public in a poll

    it beat off competition from Araras and Sucurís

    1. Excuse me, but, ahem, without really knowing what the process was or how the CBRu arrived at such a "brilliant" concept, the outcome is a racist outcome.

      Would you like to put your design up for a poll in New Zealand or Samoa, for example, and see how many people think it's a racist thing to do to use an indigenous people as a logo so you can sell a team or your marketing idea of it...?

      Has the Tupi nation endorsed the use of this logo by the CBRu ?

      Do you or do you not think its a racist logo ?

      Where do you stand on this issue ?

      Please, do me a favor, get on the record and tell me where does rugbyworldcup2023, you & paul, stand on this issue ?

      Let's be clear on this issue. I'd like to know what your official position is on this matter so i can document accordingly and know if I am writing in a racist blog or not.

      Thank You.

    2. My preference for the logo was the Sucuris and of the people I talked to in Brazilian rugby circles I didn´t know anybody who was in favor of the Tupis. It was quite bizzare that the logo was therefore chosen.

      There were five options and in February Argentina 2023 published a piece on the options, stating the blogs preference for the Sucuri as the prefered new logo.

      In my opinion the choice of the Tupi is highly controversial and never should have been considered because it asks too many questions.

      This blog is in no way racist. As the creator I am a person of Scottish ancestry though the families of both my parents and have a Brazilian wife whose father can trace part of his family to African origin, specifically from Angola. I coach a rugby team with a player from Mato Grosso who is a native Brazilian (Indian). Should a campaign exist calling for Brazil to rethink the use of the name Tupi then Argentina 2023 would agree.

      A quick look at wikipedia, for instance, tells us that the Tupis:

      ¨From the 16th century onward the Tupi, like other natives from the region, were assimilated, enslaved, or simply exterminated by Portuguese settlers and Bandeirantes (colonial Brazil scouts), nearly leading to their complete annihilation, with the exception of a few isolated communities. The remnants of these tribes are today confined to Indian reservations or acculturated to some degree into the dominant society¨

    3. I was for the Tamandua !

      unfortunately it didn't make it to the final three

  7. Paul, I realize this is not your idea or your concept, but we need to take a stand on this matter, if not, what is all this about ? Just another marketing campaign ?

    Because i was under the impression this blog is about the love of rugby, its international flavor of solidarity, friendship, even the sentiment of brotherhood in diversity, respecting our differences, while sharing a few beers after a game with the opposing team, for example.

    Furthermore, all these players, or most of them, they are kids, really. Don't we have a responsibility to lead through example ?

    1. Thank you for your input. Yes, this blog is dedicated to the sport of rugby and its growth in the Americas. The objective of Argentina hosting Rugby World Cup 2023 is, indeed, based on the meaning of rugby and how Los Pumas truely embrace this.

      I am yet to see the Tupi symbol being used for marketing but I was not pleased with it being chosen. Should it be used to sell tickets and merchandize then I would not be impressed.

  8. The use of Tupi is not rascist at all.

    1. I suppose this is something....rather timid....but something....thank you for getting on the record....

      "I am yet to see the Tupi symbol being used for marketing but I was not pleased with it being chosen. Should it be used to sell tickets and merchandize then I would not be impressed".

      Don't you think Paul it's a little disengeneous to claim that as no tickets or rugby shirts have been sold -yet- with this logo that its an acceptable and respectful thing to do to just take what's left of a conquered nation's cultural heritage and paste it on your national jersey as if it were no more than another animal mascot ????

      Furthermore, from the moment this team has public exposure in front of a t.v. camera, or, ahem, a rugby blog, that constitutes an action of marketing.
      And you, Paul, by not denouncing this blatant and offensive appropiation of cultural heritage, from a nation that has been decimated by disease, murderous incursions, destruction of habitat, the highest incidences of malnutrition, infant mortality, teen suicide, and on and on, of any group in the Americas, are collaborating, helping to deepen this injustice and this blight of ignorance that affects millions around the world.

      I can not even begin to tell you how dissapointed I am. I hope the UAR refuses to play games with any brazilian team that uses a Native American as a team mascot. This shit is serious.

      How does collaborating with injustice by promoting racist acts against one of our indigenous nations not make you a racist blog ???? But, not unlike that Roman Emperor, before Christ, who asked for a bowl of water, you wash your hands too, and, instead use the specious argument that rugby and sportsmanship doesn't have anything to do with values ???? Who are you ????? You don't understand the first thing about rugby - or life. You have a responsibility; you can't escape it. Don't send me the link to the Brazilian confederation...YOU need to take action and tell them yourself that this logo is not acceptable to our standards of sportsmanship and human decency.

      Are you going to continue to use the name "Tupi" in this blog as the Brazilian national team or not ????

      Are you going to continue to use this offensive and blatantly racist logo that was chosen among a selection of three or four other animals, including an anaconda, if remember correctly, and continue to post it here ????

      Are you out of your senses ??? Cant you already see that irrespective of whether you think a native american is an acceptable merchantdizing strategy, irrespective of your racist view, that this is already a publicity problem, in fact, a public relations nightmare ??? And exactly the opposite of what CBRu is trying to achieve assuming they are a rational social entity ??

      There is a permanent United Nations Forum on Indigenous Rights, just in case you did not know.

      If you continue to use this name "Tupi" and if you continue to use this logo in your blog, I will call you on it, and to ethical accountability, EVERY TIME....i just want you to know that....cease and desist using our native american heritage as if it were no more than a thing....a means for you to use for your own ends....

      Native Americans are a PEOPLE....not commodities....they have dignity and they are in the middle of a struggle for life and freedom more than ever today, for their inalienable human rights, in the face of extreme prejudice, injustices and violence you can't even begin to imagine; by racists who feel innately entitled by virtue of their racial and cultural "superiority" to their lands and, as in this case, their cultural heritage.

      No more. It stops here. Let the CBRu know that we will not publish their racist ideology in this blog. basically proposing a team logo along with four choices of anacondas, ant eaters, and i don't remember what else along with a native american is not racist ???....

      how is that not racist....

  9. Guys thank you so much much for your input....thank God....a little human feeling....i was beginning to worry....(pause....lets have another beer) its an inportant debate....besides....Im also speaking out as a Brazilian....I had once a brazilian love and she is inscribed in my heart forever... we lived in Pacific Beach, San Diego, California....

  10. Curious but truth, the Sunsets in Pacific Beach merge together if you try to remember them, rather fondly, after twelve years of not living in the West Coast. Out paddling in the salt, wanting to catch a couple of more rides, or sitting on the dry sand and hanging out with friends; mostly they happen like that. As in all see shore communities the world over, San Diego's water line and its rhythms are a familiar presence to practically everyone. But, perhaps, more at that time of day, when our life orb's orange glow in the sky's horizon seems to duck dive mysteriously into yet another under the sea journey.

    North of Crystal Peer are cliffs with with built in wooden steps and handrails that meander on up, graceful, unhurried, like berimbau rhythms in a 75 foot canvas of sheer rock face. Somehow, the design conveys a place o gathering for enhancing 'breath of life presence', or 'Aloha', as beach cove lore has it; a place for our kids to release their live spiny lobsters into the first sunset of the next ten centuries, as it turned out.

  11. Spiny lobsters have a 110 million year fossil record. They are night feeders, and recently it was discovered that they navigate the seafloor by detecting our planet's magnetic field. A one thousand year journey, to restore the Earth to a state as close to Eden, with an outlying garden in Mars, and art and science working together, began with our children and the natural world converging with one another at the center of our community.