Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chile 26-27 Uruguay

A titantic battle took place in Santiago del Chile on late Wednesday afternoon as Los Teros of Uruguay pulled off a one point win over Los Condores of Chile to move into second place of the 2012 South American Championship. Los Teros now face Brazil on Saturday while Los Condores take on Argentina meaning today´s result all but guarantees that Uruguay will finish in second place. The match was close throughout and was a dream encounter for the tournament organizers. At half time the score was 11-10 in favor of Uruguay after both sides had scored one first half try each. In the second half there was again one try per team and, as such, goalkicking proved to be decisive as Uruguay landed five penalties, one more than Chile who had converted both tries only to lose by a single point. 

The match was a reminder of the need for the IRB to make significant changes to the World Cup qualification system which makes it tough for South American sides to qualify for the global tournament. Three of the four teams from the CONSUR A category (South American Championship A) will be in contention to adavance to face the loser of Canada vs the United States of America. The fourth, Argenitna, has already qualified by virtue of being one of the three best teams from Pool B of Rigby World Cup 2011. The teams will battle it out in 2013 for a change to face the second best from North America in the following round of qualification for England 2015.

1 Alejandro Rios, 2 Manuel Gurruchaga, 3 Francisco Deformes, 4 Rolando Pellerano, 5 Pablo Huete, 6 Ignacio Silva, 7 Rodrigo Tobar, 8 German Suazo, 9 Juan Pablo Perrota, 10 Francisco Gonzales, 11 Francisco Metuaze, 12 Francisco de la Fuente, 13 German Herrera, 14 Felipe Brangier, 15 Javier Valderrama

1 Alejo Corral, 2 Nicolas Klappenbacg, 3 Oscar Durán, 4 Santiago Vilaseca, 5 Cristofer Soares, 6 Mathias Braun, 7 Diego Magno, 8 Juan Diego Ormaechea, 9 Francisco Vecino, 10 Mathias Arocena, 11 Rodrigo Martinez, 12 Juan de Freitas, 13 Agustin Ormaechea, 14 Gastón Mieres, 15 Jeronimo Etcheverry

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