Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Argentina 111-0 Brazil

Brasil reflects on loss (portalderugby)

Eighteen years after the previous clash between Argentina and Brazil Los Pumas completed a massive win over their soccer rivals. The result was never in doubt as it was a clash between two contrasting rugby experiences. In Argentina the players start at a young age and there is an excellent infrastructure for the development of players. The result is clear as Argentina are a Tier One side and others need to replicate Argentina if they are to ever challenge Los Pumas. Argentina has players who started at a young age while in Brazil many only start playing after highschool. The CBRu appreciate this and are actively trying to change this by making it compluslosry for clubs in some regions to have junior teams or not be allowed to play in senior level competitions. 

In defeating Brazil, Argentina scored 17 tries and landing 13 conversions. Of the try scorers two players are strong contenders to play for Los Pumas this year in the June internationals vs Italy and / or France. Los Pampas XV winger, Manuel Montero scored a hatrick while scrumhalf  Tomás Cubelli scored a double. 

Argentina will face hosts, Chile on Saturday while Brazil will face Uruguay. Brazil now need to defeat Uruguay to avoid finishing bottom of the table while Argentina face Chile also on Saturday. The complaints made by teams at Rugby World Cup 2011 over the short turn-arounds were big news with Samoa, in particular, voicinig opposition to the four day gap between facing Namibia and Wales. Perhaps the players should spare a thought for the players in the South American Championship with Brazil facing two superior teams in the form of Chile and Argentina just three days apart.


  1. good to see Montero do well (who also set up tries as well), and Cubelli

    this won't do them any harm for Pumas consideration

    I know that they're wildcard selections, but I would like to see Phelan take a couple wildcards from the Pampas XV

    however knowing Phelan he will revert to type and recall Lucas Borges and Alfredo Lalanne for the thousandth time

  2. in my view, there is very little that there is not to celebrate about Phelan's stewardship of the pumas....i think he has been conservative in the areas he needs to be conservative, such as for example switching s l o w l y to a more dynamic way of rugby without disrupting our traditional style of playing with our forwards and with the registered trademark of the pumas always and ever more, hasta la victoria simpre: DEFENSE.

    And yet he has been bold, too....Imhoff, to name just one example, is really a brain child of phelan....and this new list quite frankly is quite audacious in many respects....

    the competition truly in the pampas has been wide open....the cubelli- landajo debate is a healthy one to have at the moment....and im willing to bet you too there will probably be more than just a couple of wildcards from the pampas xv....montero is certainly in that list....

    i don't know....there is always a certain segment of the public in argentina that has a tendency to be overly critical and even ungrateful in so many instances of our public life....not just in sports....but the pumas represent something else all together....gracias a Dios !!....the ship is in good hands can anyone ever forget phelans heroic defense with his entire team at the try line in front of one of the best teams ireland has ever put together....?