Saturday, April 14, 2012

Leguizamón Try Saving Tackle

Los Pumas backrower, Juan Manuel Leguizamón is having a solid season for a poor team. Having left Stade Français for Lyon OU this season, Leguizamón has been recieiving plenty of game time and has been a one of few good performers in the bottom of the table team. he has been the teams first choice number 7 and has made himself felt on the field, particularly in defence. In a recent match vs Brive, Leguizamón ended what would have been a certain try as he oput in a tackle on the tryline against Brive winger. As the ball was about to be grounded the Puma pulled on his shoulder and the result was a knock-on. Brive were awarded a penlaty as Leguizamón was deemed to have tackled the player above the shoulders. Leguizamón spent ten minutes in the sin bin.

The tackle was against the law based on a technicality but it, nevertheless, showed the players commitment to the team. The club is facing relegation back to the Pro d2 and needs to win at least three of its remaining matches to have any chance of staying in the French top flight. Lyon take on Montpellier latter on today in an away match. 

Le Fulguro-poing de Leguizamon por Le-Rugbynistere

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