Sunday, April 8, 2012

Gonzalo Camacho Tackle on Ben Foden

Camacho vs Foden, RWC 2011

Gonzalo Camacho seems to be a hot topic at the moment following his try last weekend in the Aviva Premiership. A reader of Argentina2023 put in a request to see his tackle vs England at Rugby World Cup 2011. The request was made in the comments section of his tackle on Richie McCaw in the World Cup Quarter Final at Eden Park. The tackle on McCaw was such a good one because it showed how technique is more important than size as an 82KG winger was able to get under and force back a 106KG backrower. It was a tackle that viewers have come to expect from Camacho but it was so impressive because of who it was performed against. His tackling technique is one that coaches use to try to get their players hitting the player correctly to maximize force using a straight back with the power coming through from the legs in combination with the shoulder contact.

His tackle three weeks earlier, however in the first match of the World Cup for Argentina and England was a tackle of a different variety. It was penalized for the reason that Camacho turned the player over while in the air. It was not a yellow card offence, however, as Camacho had control over where Foden landed. 

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  1. I wish the referees stopped penalising nearly every tackle where feet go off the air

    it's gone far too much in that direction, no way in my opinion should this have been a penalty

    that tackle is no more dangerous than running fast and then tripping over