Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canada at Rugby World Cup 2003

Canada vs Tonga, RWC 2011
Despite Canada dropping off from its level of competitiveness of the 1990´s, the North Americans were nonetheless able to push teams hard during the decade of 2000-2010. A lack of resources, the country´s size and Canada´s amateur status worked against the country on the rugby field but Canada was still able to prove its worth as a country that is indispensible to the Rugby World Cup. Canada is a proud rugby country with a record, on average, of at least one win from every World Cup. The one exception was when Canada drew with Japan in Bordeaux as part of Rugby World Cup 2007. On that occassion Japan sneaked home with a last minute try and drew with the conversion. Canada made up for it by drawing in Napier as part of Rugby World Cup 2011, in the teams third match after Canada had defeated Tonga and pushed France hard in the previous two matches.

Canada vs Tonga, RWC 2003
Canada also performed well at Rugby World Cup 2003. The North Americans gave Wales a good first half in the teams first match but were overwhelmed by tournament favorites, New Zealand in the second match. Canada´s final two matches were vs Italy and Tonga. Italy had joined the Five Nations, making it the Six Naions in 2000 and had already shown its worth by defeating both Scotland and Wales. The Italians played badly in losing to the All Blacks first up and then scored an impressive 36-12 win over Tonga. Canada were therefore not favored to give Italy much of a contest. It did not transpire this way, however and Canada collected a bonus point in losing 19-14. In Canada´s final match it exited the tournament with a good win,    defeating Tonga 24-7.  

Italy vs Tonga 2003

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