Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rugby reaches Rio's Favela

Rio rugby players the Paixao brothers
The Paixao brothers
The BBC produced a good article recently on Brazilian rugby and how it is developing in poor areas of Brazil. 

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The first point the article makes is how the game has grown to beyond British colony expats, which is what many international teams these days are like Hong Kong for example, and has lots of young native Brazilians playing.

It shows that there is a lot of potential in rugby in Brazil, the playing population is already similar to that of recent World Cup nations Namibia and Uruguay. And it will only grow with players such as the Duque brothers nearing possible professional contracts and could become the flag bearers for the sport in Brazil and raise the profile.

It could also show that if there was a World Cup in Argentina in 2023, it could help the rugby across South America in countries such as Brazil, where the exposure would help the sport grow.

The article goes onto say that rugby could make a difference to some people in poor areas of Brazil in the favelas, as it already has done for for Paixao brothers, Max, Marcos, Maxwiliam and Maicon.

Marcos has already played for the national team and is aiming to one day earn a professional contract. As mentioned above the Duque brothers turning professional in France, could inspire more players such as the Paixao brothers to follow in their footsteps.

Video from  BBC Sport

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