Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pumas Players Remain in High Demand

The transitional year of 2012 threatened to tear apart Argentine rugby as European clubs were not happy 
with having to release players for international duty in The Rugby Championship. The Southern Hemisphere competition will finish in October, meaning players involved will miss the pre-season and early rounds of the season in Europe. Racing Métro and the Leicester Tigers had both stated that they were not impressed and would not be looking at signing Pumas players in the future. The pendulum has swung, however, as the same two clubs are showing no signs of ending contracts with Pumas players. Racing Métro are in the process of trying to resign Juan Martín Hernández with the flyhalf also having been given official offers to return to Stade Français or play Super Rugby for the Blues in Auckland. Similarly, while Leicester had said it won´t be resigning Horacio Agulla the player himself is still in negotiations with the club and has continues to do the talking on the field having been nominated as Leicester´s player of the month for the second time this season.
Ayerza staying at Leicester
Agulla´s Leicester and Pumas teammate, Marcos Ayerza has finalized talks with Leicester over his involvement in The Rugby Championship with the club accepting his involvement rather than giving him the choice os staying at Leicester or playing for Argentina.Other clubs are not being put off resigning their Pumas stars. Stade Français is a club with many Pumas and it could have more soon if Hernández does return from Racing Métro. The club is negotiating a new deal with Martín Rodriguez Gurruchaga for him to play for a further two or three years for the Paris club. Curiously, the club sees him as an inside centre rather than a fullback. This could very well be replicated by Santiago Phelan who initially selected Rodríguez Gurruchaga as an inside centre in 2009. 


  1. Ignacio Mieres has managed to have his contract extended with Exeter

    meaning that so far the only players who have suffered being released so far are

    Manuel Carizza - unwanted by Biarritz
    Leonardo Senatore - I really hope he can play professional next season as he deserves a contract
    Horacio Agulla - said to have demand from Top 14 teams anyway
    Gabriel Ascárate - unless Bayonne decided he wasn't good enough rather than because he may be called up to the Pumas side

    however the main impact will probably be the youngsters coming through, teams may be more reluctant to sign them now, I don't expect so many Pampas XV players to be signed up like the previous two seasons

    although there are some bargains for teams in that squad such as Santiago González Iglesias who is unlikely to play for the Pumas

    by the way does anybody know any news on Ignacio Rodríguez Muedra, a standout at Junior World Cup level and looked a good prospect for the Pumas in the future, but not played all season, any news when he will return from what seems a very serious injury?

    1. Muedra is on La Rochelles books but is out of action injured.