Friday, March 2, 2012

Horacio Agulla scores for Leicester

Horacio Agulla crosses over for the Tigers
Agulla scores vs Newcastle
While the professional future of Horacio Agulla remains in clouds, the man himself is not letting it get to him as he continues to do what matters most - deliver well on the field for the Leicester Tigers. The clubs boss, Richard Cockerill had said the club will be cutting ties with Agulla. Since this occured, in late January the threats have not gone away but have decreased as the UAR has been having talks with English and French clubs over players' contracts and availability for the international season. The saga has not really impacted on Agulla on the field as he has held onto the starting position with the 14 shirt being his permanently. Before the issue started, he had already won player of the month for the club in December and since then he has been able to continue in similar form. He has scored more tries and has been looking better than at any other time in his professional career. 

Last weekend Agulla played again the 14 shirt and was one of his teams tryscorers. After linking with teammates, Agulla did very well, showing good pace, to find his way to the try line. With Los Pumas in mind, Agulla is on track to add to his 34 international caps. He has solid competition from Pumas players in France which suggests this season could see Argentina with added firepower. 


  1. The more I see of Agulla the more I think of him as a 13.

    1. not a bad idea, the Pumas are short of 13's and all their current choices both have weaknesses

      Atrength = creative attacker
      Weakness = tackling, every now and again has shockers (Ireland 2010)

      Strength = defence
      Weakness = no creativity at all, doesn't do many line breaks, Argentina's version of Graeme Morrison

      if you could merge the players together then you would get a good player, instead they both have their weaknesses

      I sometimes wonder whether they play centres in Argentina, they only seem to be able to produce converted fly halves into the position, and although there is nothing wrong with that, it would be more ideal to have more variation

      as I have heard suggested here, it may be an idea to convert one of the wingers to play 13 rather than two fly halves in the centre

      Agulla and Montero are both options I would consider trying out

    2. From my personal observations I´ve noticed that European clubs have a higher need for flyhalves than for other positions. As such the likes of Bosch, Sánchez, Fernández, Mieres, Urdapilleta, Hernández and Contepomi were all signed at a young age. The players then go through the motions of being trainied and chance can come by with a player looking better than an established one in a different position and he is subsequently moved there.

      Juan Martín Hernández was considered too young to be a Top 14 flyhalf so he was used as a fullback for several years by Stade Français. Marcelo Bosch quickly became Biarritz´s leading flyhalf but after injuries was moved to 13 where the club had a major weakness. Santiago Fernández was bought byu Montpellier to give the team depth at flyhalf but has proven to be better than other 12´s at the club.

      Agulla playing 13 for Leicester has happened on occassion and does look like something worth considering in greater detail. The try vs Newcastle showed him hitting the angle and linking with Geordan Murphy superbly. Its similar to what Juan Imhoff was doing when given chances for Argentina. Tiesi and Bosch are the 13´s and I do think of both as quality players. Argentina don´t use big centres - not because they don´t have them but, rather, because the game plan has always meant they aren´t so important. Ball retention using the forwards works well. Other sides prefer a big centre to rampage like Roberts for Wales. Argentina did try Avramovic in a similar way but he was not the answer.

      Often with Pumas centres they are an unknown quantity as they are not in high demand unlike Pumas props and, now, wingers and flyhalves. Just because Tiesi is used more as a defensive organizer than an attacker it doens´t mean this is all he can do. Argentina´s limited game plan will erode and be replaced by a more dynamic one with the players having far more time together than previously. One consequence is that some plaeyrs will look better than they do now - or have done in their careers. A guy like Chris Ashton would struggle to score tries for Scotland as the game plan is so different.

      Some guys from Los Pampas XV could well turn into big name players after time playing for their country.

    3. it is very bad idea to select a big centre simply for the point of it as I believe it is more angles of running which makes the best centres than size

      for example, Roberts in my opinion is good but overrated, he relies heavily on his fly half to put him into space, which is why he is not good outside Parks with the Blues, and also can be neutralised just by putting a good defender to mark him like England did with Barritt and in the past with Worsley also, he has never had a good match against England

      a player like Fofana is an example of a smaller centre who is as good or perhaps better, he runs great angles and is a brave defender to tackle the big centres

  2. Tiesi is a great centre but he is injured every other week. Bosch plays centre because Biarritz has some really bad ones. Agulla does look the goods actually.

  3. I'm dreaming of a new Martin Gaitan for Los Pumas...Martin Gaitan was just the best centre he was unbelievable young argentinian players should watch videos of him to learn how to be brillant when you play 13!
    I thought the new one was Tiesi, but he unfortunately seems to be injured everytime, this is a pity because trust me this guy had good skills at his debut! (if only he didn't have all these injuries...most unlucky player ever).
    Now i'm thinking of Gabriel Ascarate. I've seen him with Pampas and i loved the way he played, now we should try him at international level.

    I'm against Marcelo Bosch at 13, I'm a huge fan of Chelo i seriously think that he is the most talented back of TOP14. I'm following him from his beginning with Biarritz and he made great games in 10 and also 15, where he can totally express his creativity. In 13, he is not free and he lacks space to show his huge talent! Let's give him the keys of the game at least one time and you will see!

  4. Oh and what do you think of Camacho as a centre?
    Huge tackler, good attacker (he breaks many tackles and wins meters every time he gets the ball)...