Saturday, March 10, 2012

Colombian rugby continuing to grow

José Manuel Diosa
Should Argentina host Rugby World Cup 2023 it would be representing not only its domestic population of 40 million people, but also the sport throughout South America and the Americas as a whole. While Los Pumas are the dominant force of rugby in the region the sport is experiencing significant growth in many countries. One such example is Colombia which has, like Brazil, been expanding to the poorest classes of society. While Brazil has been training playing from the favelas, Colombia has similarly been expanding into slums and it has changed the lives of a number of young men. One such example being José Manuel Diosa who turned his life around thanks to rugby and has become an accomplished players, earning a call up to play for the CONSUR XV vs Argentina in 2011.

The sports development in the country has been helped by outside aid. One such example being Welsh international, Lewis Roberts, who has been training the national Colombian mens team for a month and a half. The objetive of his visit it the country has been to share his knowledge with the players and do his bit to help promote the sport. The following video takes a look at Roberts´ work in Colombia. It was broadcast on national television in Colombia.

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