Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brive to sign a Brazilian?

Left: Lucas Duque (flyhalf). Right: Moisés Duque (outside centre)
Brazil´s Duque brothers - Lucas and Moisés have been rumoured to be joining a number of French sides. the rumours have rangted from Castres in the Top 14 Orange to Albi in the Pro d2 to Blagnac in the Fédérale 1. The brothers desination remains yet to be confirmed but now it appears that it is more likely that Moisés will be signed than both Duque´s. In a conversation with former Brazilian headcoach, Frenchman Pierre Paparemborde, Brazilian site Blog do Rugby pointed out that the Duque´s had indeed been involved in training with a number of different French clubs. Paparemborde helped them both go to France and revealed that they indeed did train with Albi as well as a number of others - Valence d'Agen (Federal 1), Narbonne (Pro D2), Bobigny (Fédérale 1) and Blagnac (Fédérale 1). While none are of the Top 14 and the suggestion that Castres were interested was proven to be a hoax, it has now been confirmed that they did train with Brive. 

Lucas Duque is no longer in France. He returned to Brazil last week and has been training in his bome town of São José dos Campos with members of the Brazilian team. It is expected that he will be in Brazil´s squad for the Sul Americano Sevens which will be played in Rio de Janeiro. His chance of a professional  career in Europe has, for the moment, been paused. Moisés Duque, in contrast, is still in France and still training with Brive. The club is unable to sign him, or anyone, at this point in time because of the laws which prevent clubs from signing players before the end of the season. Moisés Duque therefore has a unique opportunity of training with Brive for the rest of the 2011-2012 European Rugby Season and despite not having a contract yet, he has made significant groun by being able to spend all this time with a top level club.

Source: Blog do Rugby

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