Friday, March 2, 2012

Argentina Championship Ready for Kickoff

The UAR´s commission for development and competitions has confirmed the kick-off times and referees for the first round fo the Campeonato Argentino which will be played this weekend. All matches will be played on Saturday and the compeition will be groundbreaking with the inclusion of Chile and Uruguay in the competition. Argentina is incorporating its South Americans neighbours on and off the pitch and Chile´s Felipe Balbontín has even been named to referee Alto Valle vs Sur in the second division.

The 2011 champions, Córdoba will not feature this weekend nor will the eternal favorites, Buenos Aires. The 2010 champions, Tucumán will be  in action however with the Northen Argentine city playing host to Chile. Matches will be broadcast in Argentina on the ESPN + network. The competition dates back to 1961 with Buenos Aires having dominated to have won thirty-three times. The nest best, Tucumán has won the championship on nine occassions. 

Campeonato Argentino History
1. Buenos Aires (URBA) 33 titles
2. Tucumán - 9 titles
3. Córdoba - 6 titles
4. Cuyo (Mendoza)- 1 title
5. Rosário - 1 title
6. Mar del Plata - 1 title

Championship Division

Tucumán vs. Chile
Cancha: Tucumán Lawn Tennis
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Javier Mancuso (UAR - Córdoba)

Salta vs. San Juan
Jockey Club
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Claudio Antonio (Cuyo)

Cuyo vs. Uruguay
Mendoza RC
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Ignacio Iparraguirre (URBA)

Rosario vs. Mar del Plata
Cancha: Jockey Club
Kick Off: 19:10 
Referee: Federico Cuesta (URBA)

Second Division

Santa Fé vs. Entrerriana
Cancha: CRAI
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Mauro Rivera (Rosario)

Santiagueña vs. Nordeste
Cancha: Santiago Lawn Tennis Club
Kick Off: 17:30
Referee: Matías Fresia (URBA)

Alto Valle vs. Sur
Cancha: Roca RC
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Felipe Balbontín (Chile)

Chubut vs. Andina
Cancha: Patoruzú
Kick Off: 16:00
Referee: Gustavo Tomanovich (URBA)

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