Wednesday, February 1, 2012

UAR to resolve The Rugby Championship vs European Club dispute?

Translated from: Nicheto Garcia Saenz


Soon to be former Tiger, Horacio Agulla

Given statements from members of High Performance Staff of the UAR, stating that "there will be problems, of course yes there will. But that is what changes. Surely we will have problems with the clubs but we have to fight. This is a rearrangement from North to South, "the newspaper La Nacion 1/25/2012, confirmed that for the selected calendar, including the Rugby Championship (4 Nations) and international windows, LEICESTER TIGERS of England announced it will not renew the contract of Horacio Agulla "under the title" FIRST DOWN.

The Chairman of the Subcommittee of High Performance, Manuel Galindo accompanied by the same subcommittee, will travel to converse with the English and French unions. Spokesmen for the UAR explained: "We are going through a transition period and these things will happen."

The Director of the Tigers, Richard Cockerill said: "We're a little disappointed, but we must make these difficult decisions. Unfortunately for him (Agulla) that is the case and it may be the case with many Argentine players, and they can never make a season with their teams and that will be hard for many people ... "

Meanwhile, two former Pumas player (and former leaders), and superior French leader met in January in Paris with a group of players selected to voice their concerns and try to defend the position of the same because it is sight and disorderly this transition will affect the hard way Argentine professional players in their jobs and their wages. Welcome the idea and action to defend our players.

The Pumas international calendar includes 12 games. The 35 players who have national team coach for the Four Nations (Rugby Championship) will be out of their clubs from 1 July until October 7. This year Argentina will also play France three times as well as one game vs each of Italy, Ireland and Wales. Of course for any sports company profits are fundamental.

Horacio Agulla said: "the player is between a rock and a hard place, we must look to the player as much as possible." Of course, if Argentina had a professional rugby league, similar to basketball and volleyball, the problems would be much more manageable as well as if the players had their representatives / agents declared and working for them full time, the road would be less challenging.

My personal opinion is that 12 games is too much for our players and affect the equation of any professional sports organization for profit. For all of this it seems to me to be essential for our players to not pay the piper with their jobs and their salaries, when this process should be developed with time, given that professionalism in rugby has long been in action.


  1. "Maybe the ARU might release us from the November Tests (to play for Leicester), if they make an agreement with the RFU, myself and Cockers can sit down and talk again."

    NO, SIMPLY NO, the UAR can NOT release players for November or June

    it would devalue the matches, hurt the Pumas ranking and morale and Europe would think the Pumas were weaker than they are which would in turn hurt the 2023 bid

    the likes of Pichot have worked hard to get the Pumas these extra matches, and nobody wants the Pumas to go back to 5 matches a year

    it all the fault of the organisation resisting a professional league, if that existed then this wouldn't be such a problem, just get a move on UAR start a professional league ... NOW

    1. The UAR is going to be professional. Just be patient. Changes have been made to significantly reduce the power of Buenos Aires (URBA) while the likes of Rosario, Tucumán, Salta, Cuyo, Córdoba and so on now have a greater say. This not only means good things for the chances of going pro but it has also seen more players from outside of Buenos Aires playing for the country.

      What is going to happen is that players will all be avaliable but the UAR will likely cap the quantity of matches at being 10 of the 12. This is not a major deal and is similar to what others do already. Moreover, it is rare not normal for players to feature in every international match each year.

      It will have the spin off of enabling more players to play. Martín Bustos Moyano would get the shot he deserves. Maximilano could finally debut too. Around 30 players will play for Argentina this year. Thats not high. Its the same as in a World Cup.

    2. Professional, how soon?

      It is 5 years already too late, and should have been one of simpler things to do

      I disagree with the resting players as well, the Pumas need their strongest team for every match, if a player needs a rest then fine but no forced rests

      Albacete, Creevy, Imhoff, Fernández Lobbe are players who without the side is very much weakened

      if this 10/12 rule does come into place, then Argentina should play some more minor nations, Georgia, Canada, USA perhaps, or play the Barbarians like the Tier 1 nations do instead

      I wasn't impressed with rotated Pumas sides against French Barbarians and Worcester last year, it completely ruined the lineout among other things