Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Seniors close out their first training camp

Argentina´s premier domestic based players completed its first training camp of 2012 today in Buenos Aires. The purpose of the camp was preperation for the 2012 Vodacom Cup in which Los Pampas XV will defend its title in South Africa. The team led by Daniel Hourcade and Mauricio Reggiardo had a training session in the morning at San Isidro Club (SIC) rugby club, starting at 8:45am. The practice began with stretching exercises and warmup, while the coaches then divided the squad into two teams.

"It was a very good concentration, three  very positive days. We started working together to review the game system and add new variants. Little by little we're inserting as a group and within the coaches what they want," said Roberto Tejerizo. The player of Tucuman Lawn Tennis Club said "the next three concentrations will be used to refine some details of the game, clearing the rucks and defense. The fact of disputing parties and measure ourselves against other teams is very important for growing the team."

"The season was very tough, demanding, but it is a key stage for what is coming in the future, as in South Africa plays a very physical rugby," added the Tucuman frontrower.

The training was focused on the game's release with controlled opposition at first, while both teams then met in a friendly for about 30 minutes, in which Hourcade acted as referee. "Last year I was lucky to be in Los Pampas XV and wished me the same thing happens this year. Probably going to be a tough tournament, where all will give themselves the maximum to our team, "confessed Tejerizo, who said that" my goal is to do my utmost to serve on the squad that will go to South Africa, while as the basis of computer equipment must be the union group. "

For his part, SIC player, Santiago Mendez, said: "It was a very positive focus. At first it took a bit of training we do not come in the game. We work on different aspects of the game and slowly we're inserting into the coaches what they want." He added that "this is a very nice opportunity, we'll all be able to show and we are working flat out to exploit. I feel very good in this group, and that is important for any player. "

The next activity planned for the Seniors will be the National Meeting to be held in Neuquén, from Thursday 9th to Saturday 11th February, which will have a friendly against a selection of the region.

Interestingly, the uniforms beign worn by the players feature the UAR logo and the team sponsor VISA, but there is no manufacturers mark as the UAR is rumoured to be moving from Adidas to Nike.
Source: UAR

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