Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Racing Métro offer Juan Imhoff a Three Year Contract

Imhoff in Heineken Cup action vs the Cardiff Blues

The Top 14´s surprize package of the season, Juan Imhoff is considering his future after the 23 year old called by French site Le Figaro as The Master Card could stay in France and at Racing Métro despite earlier threats from club President, Jackie Lorenzetti that he would no longer be signing Pumas players due to The Rugby Championship. Imhoff was interviewed today by Argentine site scrum and gave all the answers as to the issue that Lorenzetti had brought up and to the possibility of staying in Paris. The possibiltiy of Imhoff staying at Racing Métro now looking large as the club has offered him a contract to stay on for three years. The offer comes just a week after Juan Martín Hernández admitted he had also been offered a new contract to remain at Racing Métro. The club´s willingness to sign both players knowing that they are highly likely to miss the start of the 2012-2013 Top14 Orange , and subsequent seasons, underlines the quality of the players and their value to the club.

Imhoff, himself, admited to being surprized to have been offered a three-year deal by Racing Métro. He told scrum that I was surprised when it was offered (to me). I was told that if I were selected I could play in it (The Rugby Championship) without problems. The offer is in Imhoff´s words, concrete and is for three additional years after he had signed for the current season as a Medical Joker to replace the injured pair of former French winger Benjamin Fall and Italy´s Mirco Bergamasco. Despite the generous offer, Imhoff is yet to determine whether or not he will remain at Racing Métro as he has confirmed that he has also been approached by other clubs who interested in his signature. 

His decision will also depend on that of Juan Martín Hernández with Imhoff saying that "Whatever I do in my life there is so much talk with him. I can´t tell you that if Juani (leaves Racing Métro) I will too, but ... It is always important to have an Argentine team. So his decision and that of the boys (Alvaro Galindo, Juan Orlandi and Gonzalo Quesada) will weigh in as I finish deciding"

Since linking up with Racing Métro, Imhoff has played eleven matches, ten in the starting lineup, and has scored four tries. His tries has all been impressive and have seen him speed past the likes of Chris Paterson, Tom James, and a magical solo performance vs Perpignan. He joined Racing Métro after Rugby World Cup 2011 where he scored two tries and was selected after only having previously played four tests - one vs Wales in the leadup to New Zealand 2011, two vs Chile and one vs Uruguay. His future as a Pumas winger and he is certain to add plenty of explosive pace in attack. This characteristic of his play is what offers Argentina so much as he goes against the style of winger that has usually been utilized for international matches. In this way, Imhoff has the potential to be Argentina´s version of Shane Williams.


  1. hum, this is confirmed just after UAR staff meeting with EU clubs last week? Maby Racing is the exception, dunno.

    1. Montpellier are looking to keep its Pumas. It seems Leicester - Agulla is the exception not the rule.

    2. I've heard Manuel Carizza is being released by Biarritz, Leonardo Senatore by Toulon

      but the young players in Argentina are going to be perhaps more effected as teams are unlikely to be signing many new Argentines

      hopefully the Super Rugby teams start recruiting them, as although Hernández signing for the Blues is a start, he is good enough for a European contract

      hopefully they will sign players like Galarza, Senatore, González Iglesias, Montero etc who would have before been signed by French teams

    3. Senatore and Carizza will, if released, retun to take up UAR contracts just like the ten others announced last week.