Saturday, February 11, 2012

Los Jaguares win big in a training run vs Alto Valle

Today´s Captain, Mariano Galarza
Los Jaguares, consisting of the leading Argentine based players took on Alto Valle earlier today in Neuquén and ran out comfortable winners with a scorline of 120-0. The team was captained by Los Pumas World Cup secondrower, Mariano Galarza. The match which was Los Jaguares´ first of 2012 took place at the field of Neuquén Rugby Club and was directed by the referee Francisco Pastrana are part of the preparation prior to the Vodacom Cup competition to be held in South Africa starting in March. Next week, the team coached by Daniel Hourcade and Mauricio Reggiardo will conduct a new concentration in the rugby mad Northern city of Tucuman, while a week later they will make the final concentration in Argentina in the country´s third largest city, Rosario.

* Attached are photos from the match. click here.

Credits: Photos Gaspa.

Los Jaguares:
1 Roberto Tejerizo
2 Martin Garcia Veiga
3 Ariel Castellina
4 Mariano Galarza (Captain)
5 Juan Pablo Lagarrigue
6 Genaro Fessia
7 Rodrigo Baez
8 Ahualli Lisandro de Chazal
9 Martin Landajo
10 Santiago González Iglesias
11 Manuel Montero
12 Gabriel Ascarate
13 Juan Pablo Estelles
14 Facundo Barrea
15 Roman Miralles


Roman Miralles (RC Goblin - Rosario):

"We played three times, where we aim to carry out the game system and not make mistakes. We had a very good first half, then had ups and downs. "

"It's the same game system as last year, so we know and all we have to achieve and consolidate it, and this is critical work. We still have to grow as a team."

"Personally, I aim to continue training and playing our best in order to convince the coaches to go to the Vodacom Cup team hope to be helpful and make the best paper possible."

Genaro Fessia (Córdoba Athletic - Córdoba):

"We played a good game, especially being the first, where in the first half we played like we wanted and we defined the result. The third time we pick up the pace of game we want to deploy. "

"Next week there is another concentration in Tucuman, where we analyze what was done in these days to keep improving as a team. We need to confirm what we did today. "
Source: UAR


  1. Replies
    1. lost in translation point can mean purpose

      what was the purpose of having a match with a team so weak they won 120-0

      on another note, I read in a match report Manuel Montero did well and it particularly praised him and Miralles, looking forward to seeing how he progresses over the Vodacom Cup, definitely a player to keep an eye on in the future

      you never know there could be a few players from the Pampas XV of 2012 that could make a run for the Pumas squad for the Rugby Championship or November matches, few would have predicted Imhoff, Bustos and Sanchez to get in the Pumas World Cup squad in January 2011

      from this year's Pampas XV side, the players I think should be watched closely are Landajo, Montero, de la Vega, Lobo and Postiglioni

      can definitely see Landajo making the Pumas as third scrum hald, you once told me to watch out for de la Vega and with the Pumas perhaps in need of another quality flanker he could have a chance to play 6 or 7 in the Rugby Championship

  2. Just a match to take to Neuquen really. Not much more to it than that.

    There are some players to watch out for this season, certainly. Good forwards from 1-8. No weaknesses and there are players in each position who could step up to test level. Not so much to be optimistic about from 9-15 but thats largely due to the high number of strong performers curently in England and France.

    Manuel Montero could be used as a centre - ala Rougerie.