Sunday, February 19, 2012

Los Jaguares defeat Tucumán but leave unhappy

Benjamin Madero
On Saturday afternoon Los Jaguares defeated Tucuman 42-19, in what was the teams second warm-up fixture in the the Seniors squad´s preperation for the 2012 Vodacom Cup. The win included tries scored by Lisandro Lopez Gomez, Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal, Ramiro Moyano, Cubelli Thomas, Matías Orlando and Roman Miralles, while Benjamin Madero added four conversions and Faralle Ezekiel added two of his own. Next week, from Thursday to Saturday, the Seniors squad will haver its final training camp in Argentina in preperation for South Africa´s Vodacom Cup. The Argentine team known as Los Pampas XV will be looking to repeat its performances of 2011 in which the South Americans won the championship and did so without losing a match.


Mauricio Reggiardo (Los Jaguares Coach)

"It was a difficult game against a tough opponent, who allowed us to apply the system of play due to its aggressiveness at the break down. The team did things well, but there are still things that need to be improved. "

"Maybe we hoped to maintain good home games for longer, but it is a good time to have a warning, because we still have three weeks and a training camp with a friendly match".

"We will analyze the game, and join with" Huevo "(Daniel Hourcade) and" Tati "(Santiago Phelan) to make decisions. We must continue improving and growing as a team with a view to the Vodacom Cup debut. "

Thomas Cubelli (Belgrano Athletic - URBA)

"We had a good week, where we trained very well and played a game of preparation against a great opponent. It is amazing that it was the second game we played, we still make mistakes and have things to improve."

"At times we deploy the game system that the coaches are seeking for, but the goal is to maintain throughout the game, today we could not do it."

"The group is very good, very strong in appearance. We all want to integrate the squad that will travel to South Africa. Once the list has been confirmed , we must work to correct the details that are not so solid."
Los Jaguares

1 Francisco Piccinini
2 Bruno Postiglioni
3 Germán Aráoz
4 Santiago Guzmán
5 Felipe Aranguren
6 Tomás de la Vega
7 Rodrigo Báez
8 Lisandro Ahualli de Chazal
9 Tomás Cubelli (Captain)
10 Benjamín Madero
11 Lisandro Gómez López
12 Gabriel Ascárate
13 Juan Pablo Estelles
14 Manuel Montero
15 Ramiro Moyano

Replacements: Emiliano Coria, Roberto Tejerizo, Ariel Castellina, Nahuel Lobo, Juan Cruz Guillemaín, Juan Pablo Lagarrigue, Rodrigo Bruno, Tomás Leonardi, Martín Landajo, Santiago González Iglesias, Ezequiel Faralle, Javier Rojas, Matías Orlando, Facundo Barrea y Román Miralles.


1 Fernando Britos
2 Patricio Figuerola
3 Damián Arias
4 Carlos Cáceres
5 Gabriel Pata Curello (Captain)
6 Nicolás Centurión
7 Antonio Ahualli de Chazal
8 Dino Cáceres
9 Luis Castillo
10 Martín Arregui
11 Germán Núñez
12 Santiago Rodríguez del Busto
13 Ezequiel Cortés
14 Macario Villaluenga
15 Lucas Barrera Oro

Source: UAR

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