Saturday, February 25, 2012

Contracts for returning players?

Others to follow Fessia home?
The potential of Argentina successfully hosting Rugby World Cup 2023 continues to grow stronger as the UAR is seeing through significant changes to the landscape of Argentine rugby. While the process of getting Los Pumas into the Tri Nations is complete the union has also started signing up players in Argentina who will be able to concentrate 100% on their rugby. The list of ten players is expected to grow and, indeed, include players returning home for Europe. Toulon backrower, Leonardo Senatore is expected to return while Leicester winger Horacio Agulla and Biarritz secondrower, Manuel Carizza are to additional examples of players who may well return to South America. The trio were all member of the World Cup squad and are all certain to continue playing for the national team regardless of whether they play at home or abroad.
The details are yet to be officially released as to how much money the ten players are to be paid but it has been suggested in Argentine cources that it is to be a generous amount, albeit smaller than what is on offer in Europe.   The players being signed are ones who have been singles out as being in line for international duty at the highest level this year. They are also players in positions in which Argentina tends to lack European based players who are recieving plenty of game time for successful teams. It is for this reason that four of the ten players signed are backrowers as this season Argentina only has Juan Fernández Lobbe, Juan Leguizamón and Leonardo Senatore as backrowers of note in Europe. Genaro Fessia joins Julio Farías, Tomás Leonardi and Tomás de la Vega on UAR contracts. Fessia had signed for London Wasps before Rugby World Cup 2011 but was released after the club said he was too expensive for them. His return to Argentina saw him re-enter the PladAR set up for Los Pampas XV and get a contract with the UAR. Similar things could be on the cards for Senatore who despite impressing for Toulon he will not be resigned by the French club. 

Pumas vs AB Leo senatore 300x168 Los Pumas se fueron del Mundial con la frente en alto mundial 2
Could Senatore sign for the UAR?
Besides backrowers, the six other players who signed with the UAR are Gabriel Ascárate (centre), Tomás Cubelli and Martín Landajo (Scrumhalf), Mariano Galarza and Santiago Guzmán (secondrow) and Bruno Postiglioni (hooker). This is a strong indication of the strenghts of Pumas players currently in Europe with flyhalves, wingers and fullbacks performing strongly as well as the traditional Argentine powerful area of prop. Players in these positions are mostly locked into long term contracts or are presently renegotiating to remain in Europe.

Should a player leave then would he be signed by the UAR? The answer would appear to be an overwhelming yes just like in the case of Genaro Fessia. The union will be  significantly more income this year than in previous years due to the added revenue from participating in The Rugby Championship which will bring in significantly increased television earnings. The UAR will also have deeper pockets simply by hosting twice as many test matches and doing so at large venues. The UAR is also negotiating with new sponsors with Nike to replace Adidas and do so by paying more. The scenario that this paints is a highly positive one for Argentine rugby as it means the union can complete its desire of signing top players and allowing Argentina to have its own professional set up.

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