Saturday, February 18, 2012

Brazil to elect a new symbol

Arara-canindé (Ara ararauna)
Arara - new symbol?
The final stage of electing a new symbol for Brazilian rugby is underway with the country´s governing body the CBRu set to finish off the process which started back in October 2010. The five finalists are Brazilian symbols any any of which could be elected as the new symbol.

These symbols are the five most chosen for rugby Brazil:

Guará (Scarlet Ibis)
Sucuri (Eunectes - a type of Anaconda)
Tupi (Native people and Language)
Tamanduá (Myrmecophagidae or more commonly Anteater)
Arara (Macaw)

This month there will be a site for voting, with the drawings and the argument for each winner, according to the consultation October and November 2010. In early March, according to voting, the symbol will be declared the winner, who will already be applied to domestic rugby.

Argentina 2023 supports the option of the Sucuri.

Source: CBRu

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