Monday, February 27, 2012

Adios y Gracias Rimas Alvarez Kairelis!

11 years at Perpignan
Saturday was a big day in the lives of some former Pumas World Cup stars and a special one for the former 44 time capped secondrower, Rimas Alvarez Kairelis. The 37 year old played rugby for the final time in a tribute match for his Buenos Aires club, Pucurá. Joining Alvarez were two others who won Bronze with Los Pumas in France 2007, backrower Lucas Ostiglia, centre Manuel Contepomi and captain Agustín Pichot as well as a host of other important names. After eleven years of blood, sweat and tears for Perpignan in the Top 14 Orange, Rimas Alvarez Kairelis wanted to end his career on a heartfelt note. He wanted his final match to be with his friends at the place where it all began - Pucurá.  

Alvarez Kairelis vs France, RWC 2007
Alvarez Kairelis is a true warrior. He made his international debut in 1998 vs Paraguay  and he went on to play in two Rugby World Cup´s and contributing significantly to Argentina´s groundbreaking campiagn in 2007. For many Pumas players it was like a home World Cup as it was in France. For Rimas Alvarez this was certainly the case as he was a long term key player for Perpignan, winning the French Championship in 2009 and helping the side into the Heineken Cup Final in 2003. Perpignan lost the final with Alvarez in action and he also competedin the 2004 and 2010 French Top 14 Finals. He played a total of 223 matches for Perpignan, scoring 20 tries. He scored 3 tries for Argentina in his career. 

Source: Rugby Fun


  1. Alvarez was so respected in the Perpignan squad that the players collectively offered to pay for him to continue until the end of the season, but the management didn't want

    I think he retired from the Pumas, I think he could have made the World Cup squad and retired then, better than Vallejos

  2. i'm catalan and Rimas was my favorite player and one of the fans favorite too. one of the best warriors ever to play with our jersey! He deserves a statue in front of Aimé-Giral for all that he gave to the club.
    President and management are shit and because of them the level of our team decreased and i blame them more particulary for not organising a real tribute to RAK at the end of his 11 wonderful years in Perpignan. All the fans are sad because of that, we want to give him a real tribute at Aimé-Giral!
    Rimas will always be in out hearts!