Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uruguay Name Squad for Argentine Championship

Former  Old Boys winger, Alfonso Cardoso

Uruguay´s newly appointed headcoach, Pablo Lemoine has named a list of fifty-three players to prepare for the upcoming and ground-breaking Argentine National Championship in which Uruguay and Chile will compete in the first division against Argentina´s top eight provinces. Uruguay´s debut is to occur on March the 3rd vs Cuyo with Los Teros also to take on Rosario, Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires in its Pool 2 fixtures. The players selected come from nine clubs: Carrasco Polo, Trébol, PSG, Old Christians, Old Boys, Champagnat, The Montevideo Cricket Club (MVCC), Los Cuevos and Lobos. Curiously the MVCC is the oldest rugby club outside of Europe with rugby roots going back to 1861 with the first match on record being listed as taking place in 1880 between Uruguyans and British settlers. Like rugby in Uruguay the squad us dominated by players from Montevideo.

Los Teros Squad

Carrasco Polo: Avalo Arturo, Alvarez Juan, Berchesi Felipe, Berchesi Federico, Duran Oscar, Martinez Rodrigo, Ormaechea Agustin, Ormaechea Juan Diego, Regga Manuel, Sagario Sebastian, Vecino Francisco,

Trébol: Arboleya Carlos, Botta Danilo, Bulanti Francisco, Duran Alejo, Duran Juan Pablo, Lacoste Lukas, Lijtenstein Guillermo, Rey Denis, Rombys Juan

PSG: Bascou Diego, Bascou Fernando, Braun Mathias, De Mula Rodolfo, Dugonjic Ivo, Roman Alberto

Old Christians: Martinez Manuel, Espiga Rodrigo, Leivas Leandro, Arocena Mathias, Passadore Alberico

Old Boys: Ameglio Javier, Gaminara Juan, Gortari Santiago, Rocco Joaquin, Vilaseca Santiago, Vilaseca Andres

Champagnat: Nieto Alejandro, Bueno Pablo, De Freitas Juan, Jimenez Francisco, Klappenbach Nicolás

MVCC: Alonso Agustin, Evans Alejandro, Gulart Mateo, Magno Diego, Soarez de Lima Cristofer

Los Cuervos: Del Castillo Agustin, Lewis Adrián, Mujica Federico

Lobos: Falcón Alfonso, Mieres Gaston, Specker Julian


  1. who are the best Uruguay players now? (ones who play so not including Capo Ortega)

    I remember being really impressed with Juan Menchaca in a World Cup match one year, do you know what happened to him?

  2. The team that faced Romania in the World Cup 2011 Play -Off match was very youthful. A number of players missed through protests over issues with the Carrasco Polo Club. Rodrigo Capó Ortega didn´t play as he was actually injured but has not played for hsi country for a long time and did retire from Los Teros but now, in 2012, has said he´ll play again.

    Juan Menchaca was a player from Carraco Polo. He is now 34. His last test was vs Portugal in the World Cup 2007 Play- Offs.

    The team that lost in Bucharest was:

    1 Alejo Corral (San Isidro Club, Argentina)
    2 Carlos Arboleya (Trébol)
    3 Mario Sagario (Dax, France)
    4 Diego Magno (MVCC)
    5 Matias Fonseca (Los Cuervos)
    6 Juan Pablo Gaminara (Old Boys)
    7 Mathias Braun (PSG)
    8 Santiago Vilaseca (Old Boys)
    9 Manuel Martinez (Old Christian’s)
    10 Matias Arocena (Old Christian’s)
    11 Gaston Mieres (Lobos)
    12 Juan De Freitas (Champagnat)
    13 Martin Crosa (Old Boys)
    14 Leandro Leivas (Old Christian’s)
    15 Jeronimo Etcheverry (Carrasco Polo Club)

    Reserves: 16 Juan Pedro Rombys (Trébol), 17 Pablo Lemoine (unattached), 18 Martin Espiga (Old Christian’s), 19 Nicolas Badano (Old Boys), 20 Emiliano Caffera (Champagnat), 21 Nicolas Morales (Trébol), 22 Ivo Iugonjic (PSG)