Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seniors gathering in Buenos Aires ahead of Vodacom Cup

The best of Argentina´s domestic based players are arriving in Buenos Aires for the years first national meeting, to take place from Monday through Wednesday. Amongst the players involved are a number of players who have played for Los Pumas and four players who competed at Rugby World Cup 2011. They are backrowers Alejandro Campos, Julio Farías Cabello and Genaro Fessia as well as secondrower Mariano Galarza. As in 2010 and 2011 a significant number of the plaeyrs invovled will go on to feature for Los Pumas vs tier one opposition and a number may also go on to play prfoessionally just like many have including Martín Bustos Moyano, Maximilano Bustos, Agustín Creevy, Santiago Fernández, Agustín Figuerola, Martín Rodríguez Gurruchaga, Juan Imhoff and Joaquin Tuculet.

Los Pampas XV CoachDaniel Hourcade
The National delegation will meet in the facilities of the San Isidro Club (SIC) on Monday at noon. In the afternoon, players will participate in the first practice, which will focus on the game system they intend to develop Daniel Hourcade coaches and Mauricio Reggiardo. "This will be the first rally of the year, will meet the players and we will start working on the basis of the gameplay. All come with a base, since each one in his Pladar was working on individual skills, "coach Daniel Hourcade said, who added that" there will be three days of intensive training, as we will not have games, but will be training with opposition. Additionally, we will be evaluating the players to form the Los Pampas XV squad that will travel to South Africa."

The schedule indicates that the National roster will train in a double shift the next two days, with the exception being on Tuesday morning, with the forwards scruming at the facilities of the uenos Aires cricket & Rugby Club.

"We are fortunate that all the players are in good condition, have been responsible and are highly motivated to start practice. In this preparation the players aim to get to Vodacom rhythm. Because of the World Cup, this group of players did not have much competition throughout 2011. Similarly, all members of the school grounds are very well physically, and most already know the game system we want the coaches, "said the coach Tucuman.

In Regards to the Vodacom Cup, the coach who in 2011 became champion of the tournament in command of Los Pampas XV, said, "will be a tough tournament. We have earned a place, we are the champions, and that means all the teams will want to win and put in a bonus against us. That is positive, because the better level the tournament is more positive it is for us. This time we will integrate the South Zone, where stronger teams will present tough battles."


1 AHUALI DE CHAZAL, Lisandro (Universitario, Tucumán)
2 AMBROSIO, Stéfano (Tala RC, Cordobesa)
4 ARAOZ, José (Jockey Club, Tucumán)
5 ASCARATE, Gabriel (Natación y Gimnasia, Tucumán)
6 AZZORIN, Nicolás (Liceo Naval, URBA)
7 BAEZ, Rodrigo (Liceo RC, Cuyo)
BARREA, Facundo (Córdoba Athletic, Cordobesa)
9 BRUNO, Rodrigo (Jockey Club de Villa María, Cordobesa)
10 CAMPOS, Alejandro (Club Pueyrredón, URBA)
11 CASTELINA, Ariel (Universitario, Tucumán)
12 CORIA, Emiliano (Lince RC, Tucumán)
13 CORTES, Gastón (Córdoba Athletic, Cordobesa)
14 CRAIG, Santiago (Liceo Naval, URBA)
15 CUBELLI, Tomás (Belgrano Athletic, URBA)
16 DE LA FUENTE, Jerónimo (Duendes RC, URBA)
18 ESTELLES, Juan Pablo (Atlético del Rosario, URBA)
19 FARALLE, Ezequiel (Huirapuca, Tucumán)
20 FARIAS CABELLO, Julio (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
21 FESSIA, Genaro (Córdoba Athletic, Cordobesa)
22 GALARZA, Mariano (Universitario de La Plata, URBA)
23 GARCIA VEIGA, Martín (Buenos Aires C&RC, URBA)
24 GOMEZ LOPEZ, Lisandro (La Tablada, Cordobesa)
25 GOMEZ, JUAN (Los Matreros, URBA)
26 GONZALEZ IGLESIAS, Santiago (Asociación Alumni, URBA)
27 GUILLEMAIN, Juan Cruz (Jockey Club, Sanjuanina)
28 GUZMÁN, Santiago (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
31 LOBO, Nahuel (Estudiantes de Paraná, Entrerriana)
32 MACOME, Benjamín (Tucumán RC, Tucumán)
33 MADERO, Benjamín (SIC, URBA)
34 MENDEZ, Santiago (SIC, URBA)
35 MIRALLES, Román (Duendes RC, Rosario)
36 MONTERO, Manuel (Pucará, URBA)
37 MOYANO JOYA, Ramiro (Lince RC, Tucumán)
38 ORLANDO, Matías (Huirapuca, Tucumán)
39 PICCININI, Francisco (SIC, URBA)
40 POSTIGLIONE, Bruno (La Plata RC, URBA)
41 ROJAS, Javier (Universitario, Tucumán)
42 TEJERIZO, Roberto (Tucumán Lawn Tennis, Tucumán)


  1. what would be your first choice Pampas XV starting side?

    1. Right now I´d say

      15 Román Miralles
      14 Manuel Montero
      13 Jerónimo de la Fuente
      12 Gabriel Ascarate
      11 Javier Rojas
      10 Santiago González Igleses
      9 Martín Landajo
      8 Genaro Fessia
      7 Tomás de la Vega
      6 Alejandro Campos
      5 Mariano Galarza
      4 Julio Farías
      3 Ariel Castelina
      2 Emiliano Coria
      1 Bruno Postiglione