Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rugby World Cup 2019 video

The critics from the traditional rugby powers are already out in full force suggesting that Japan´s failure to win a match in New Zealand 2011 underlines the bad decision of the country to host in 2019. The same people, of which there are many, seem to be happy with not only the First-Tier continuing to have hegemony of hosting tournaments but for the Cup´s to be in the same places. We at Rugby World Cup - Argentina 2023 are firm supporters of Japan hosting Rugby World Cup 2019 and hope it does deliver not only a successful tournament but also a transition for the sport of rugby which continues to be have a voting system which gives Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland South Africa and Wales two votes and all others one or even less. The European trio of Georgia, Romania and Russia who all competed at Rugby World Cup 2011 do not have votes while Argentina and Italy continue to only have one each.  

Japan 2019 will be the first time a World Cup has been held outside of the nations sho have two votes each. This far every World Cup has been hosted or co-hosted by these nations. It will leave only the Americas as a region to never have hosted a Rugby World Cup and Argentina as the only Semi Finalist yet to host. Japan has a big task ahead but the following video provides evidence that the union is on track to deliver a successful event as the off-field preperations are already underway.

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