Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rugby Mania returns

Rugby Mania
After being taken off the air in order to renovated and relaunched, Brazilian site, Rugby Mania has returned to normal after several months of inactivity. It is back in a big way with far more people invovled in Brazilian rugby in all kinds of ways contributing with columns and articles to give Brazilians a greater level of knoweldge of events in the country. One of the surviving contributors to the site is the creator of Argentina 2023, Paul Tait. As part of the new Rugby Mania some pieces produced on Argentina 2023 will be translated and published on Rugby Mania.

The new site underlines the growth of the sport in the country in recent times as the sport has gone through a massive boom in recent years and continues to do so with playing number and clubs continuing to increase every year. Just yesterday in the city of São Carlos in São Paulo State there was a meeting to determine the structure and participants of Brazil´s largest competition the Campeonato Paulista do Interior (CPI) or the São Paulo Inland Championship. The competition is to divide into two divisions with nine teams in the first and ten in the second. The second division is to one returning team who did not featire in 2011- Araraquara (Locomotiva) as well as four new teams with Limeira, Santa Barbara, Sertãozinho (Gargulas) and Vinhedo (Cougars) set to participate for the first time. 2011 participants Franca, Jaguariúna (Jaguares), Piracicaba, Rio Claro and São Pedro (Red Horse).

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