Monday, January 30, 2012

Martín Bustos Moyano shows Pumas qualities during Trinh-Duc mastershow

Martín Bustos Moyano scored 26 points for Montpellier as they thrashed Stade Français 38-6 in front of a large passionate crowd at the Stade Yves du Manoir. Although the match belonged to French fly half François Trinh-Duc who produced a sublime performance and set up three tries.

The first try in particular was something special, and could rival another fantastic try from Takudzwa Ngwenya earlier in the season as the best of the season.

After a missed kick from Stade Français, instead of a usual 22 metre drop out, François Trinh-Duc took advantage of some unaware Stade defence and fed winger Timoci Nagusa with a mini drop kick and the Fijian was away past a slipping Martín Rodríguez and then after a good offload, Montpellier passed along the width of the pitch for Bustos Moyano to finish a wonderful try. Trinh-Duc also set up two other tries.

The second try from Bustos Moyano was more fortuitous, as a dreadful error from Antoine Burban handed the try to Montpellier on a plate.

Montpellier who spent a large part of the early season in the bottom half of the table, have now just lost once in their past 7 matches and have climbed into fifth position. Stade Français meanwhile are still in the playoff positions, but seem to be seriously struggling away from home, in their last two away matches now they have conceded 77 points and scored just 12. However their Parisian rivals Racing-Métro are playing very poorly at the minute, and Agen have gone off the pace, so they could finish in the top 6 just through home form.

This season there has been a shift in where the Pumas strengths have been, away from the second row and back row which have less professional players than in the past, this season the back three positions have shone in particular.

Juan Imhoff has adapted tremendously to professional rugby, Horacio Agulla has broken into a regular starting place in the Leicester side, Lucas González Amorosino has shown the skills which Leicester horribly misused, Martín Bustos Moyano has been probably the best Argentine kicker this season and has done well in attack also, and there is still of course Gonzalo Camacho although he is yet to score a try this season, and add to that the possibility of a Pampas XV star emerging Imhoff style, and the Pumas back three is in the best health it has possibly ever been in. It is no wonder Santiago Phelan has mentioned a transition into a style of play which uses the back three more.

No offense to the Borges, Leonelli, Aramburu, Piossek generation of wingers, but the wing position is in my opinion the most improved position of the Pumas since the 2007 World Cup, and that generation would not get near the Pumas side now.

With this added strength in the back three it asks the question of who the Pumas should select for the first Rugby Championship (4 Nations), Juan Imhoff is the first name on the list as although others are on good form he is a step above at the minute, Amorosino deserves a run at full back after consistently impressing during the World Cup and throughout the season with Montpellier.

The other position in the back three is more open, Camacho and Agulla were the wingers at the World Cup but Agulla has been on better form so far this season.

Then there is Bustos Moyano, who crucially is probably the Pumas best goal kicker, the Pumas goal kicking was a huge problem at the World Cup and they finished with the lowest success percentage of any side, it cost them the England match and hence an easier quarter final against France. Bustos Moyano's goal kicking for me brings him above the other contenders, as since Felipe Contepomi's goal kicking has turned abysmal, Argentina have had to contend more on Scotland and Italy's level and have gone behind Ireland, Wales, England and France who they were beating around 2005/07 period. And even if Bustos Moyano didn't goal kick, there would still be an argument to play him as he has shown himself a decent player with ball in hand.

(Video: Martín Bustos Moyano's two tries from his 26 point haul against Stade Français)


  1. He is looking more and more like an international winger by the match. Argentina certainly have far more options now than previously. Martín Rodírguez Gurruchaga and Marcelo Bosch are both centres that can play fullback but, thankfully, they can play in midfield where they have a great impact.

    He´ll likely miss Argentina vs Italy in June as Montpellier look like a team that could make the final again. That being the case, he´ll be in line for a shot vs France for one both of the June matches vs Les Bleus.

    FYI An article about this will be posted at midnight.

  2. If the Pumas may have to be rested, do you think considering Agulla at 13 should be considered?

  3. I´d certainly prefer this to Gosio or Asarcate.

    I do think it could happen as he played 13 after both Tiesi and Contepomi left the field vs England in the World Cup.