Monday, January 2, 2012

Los Pumas to wear Nike

Corleto, Pichot and Hernández
The growth of the name and reputation of Argentine rugby has reached the United States of America as sources indicate that Nike is set to take over from Adidas as the supplier of uniforms of Los Pumas and associated teams playing in the name of the UAR. The change from German company, Adidas will see for the first time ever Los Pumas wearing uniforms suppluied by Nike. Adidas has supplied Argentina rugby since 2004 after it became the supplier again after taking over from Topper who supplied uniforms for Argentina at Rugby World Cup 2003. The change to Nike is set to be officially announced shortly and is expected to hit the shops in February. The change is rumoured to have a lot do with former Pumas captain, Agustín Pichot who was, alongside Juan Martín Hernández and Ignacio Corleto involved in a campaign to get Argentina into the Tri Nations. As part of the campaign the trio wore Nike supplied clothing - as pictured to the right.
According to reports, Nike has doubled the offer to that of Adidas which has been paying the UAR US$1.5million per year to be the supplier. The 100% increased revenue is the latest part of what is going to be a financial boom for the UAR with Argentina set to host twice as many test matches now that Los Pumas are a part of The Rugby Championship. Nike is also rumoured to be targeting other tier one rugby sides such as New Zealand while France is rumoured to be making a return to Adidas.

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