Sunday, January 29, 2012

Juan Imhoff´s collision with Christopher Tolofua

Juan Imhoff
Pumas winger, Juan Imhoff had to leave the field in the first half of Racing Métro´s home match vs Toulouse on Saturday. While on the field he took a massive hit from 18 year old, 118KG French hooker Christopher Tolofua when attempting a tackle. The collision saw the larger man flatten the Argentine, who was playing fullback for Racing Métro, and the replay showed that it the players had a clash of heads while in contact. The young French hooker may well have a future on his hands at the international level after he had a solid match and was able to brush away defenders with ball in hand. Imhoff left the field two minutes after the incident.

Imhoff is expected to be match fit in time for Racing Métro´s next match, on February 10th vs strugglers Perpignan. There will be no Top 14 Orange matches next weekend due to round 17 being delayed to allow for the start of the 2012 Six Nations championship.


  1. poor tackle by Imhoff, went far too high on a much bigger guy in all directions, but I don't think he will be required to tackle 120kg hookers in the future so he shouldn't worry too much about it and hopefully continues his good form into future matches

    I wonder whether Tolofua has some Samoan in him perhaps?

    118kg and he's just turned 18, that's mad, simply mad, what has he been eating?

    seriously when he retires and stops training he's going to turn obese

    out of interest Toulouse have signed a hooker who is the complete opposite, the Georgian Jaba Bregvadze, he is small for a hooker and was the lightest hooker (90 kg) from any team at the World Cup

  2. I have a new guy in my team who is 18 years old and has lost 7KG in the past three weeks. He weighs 163KG! Simply a mountain. Tall like Juan Figallo.

  3. what? 163kg? can he move?

    I checked and that is just 2kg from Bill Cavubati's record

    however the heaviest player at the World Cup was Tony Buckley so it shows that being big doesn't mean a good player, pretty sure the heaviest back was Matt Banahan to prove the point as well

    1. The player only started this month and will drop weight just from training. He has some gad on him for a big guy!